Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Lee Stafford Academy Ionic Hair Straighteners - Review

Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners with title overlaid
I have very big, fluffy, unruly hair. It is so vast, it has even been documented previously, when I donated a lot of it to The Little Princess Trust. That was over three years ago and I haven't had it cut since, so it's pretty long now, too. So, when I was offered some Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners to review, I thought this would give them a real challenge. I've only ever used GHDs on my hair previously, because it really takes some taming and I was not expecting these straighteners to cope as well as they did! It just goes to show how much technology has moved on since I bought them 12 years ago. 

I know I'm a little obsessed with packaging, but these do arrive in a rather lovely box. These straighteners are not cheap, and this is reflected in the quality of the packaging. A good, sturdy box in a beautiful, luxurious pink, with a really handy envelope, containing the guarantee and basic instructions. As well as a fabulous box, they also have a few really useful features, which make hair styling a whole lot quicker and easier. Firstly, the variable temperature is great. If you have huge hair like me, and don't straighten it very often, you can turn it up high, but if you, perhaps, have a fringe that just needs a bit of a tweak, but quite often, you have the option to use a lower temperature and save a bit of heat damage. I love the easy-to-read digital display, it tells you when it's heating and when it's ready, which is great, because while you are waiting for it, you can be sure it's definitely doing something, and you haven't forgotten to switch it on at the plug. Again. *ahem* I also really liked the heat protection guard, which keeps the straighteners closed and protects from damage when the straighteners are still hot. 

Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners

The appliance heats up really quickly. It took less than 30 seconds to get to the hottest setting from cold. I tried it on the lower setting first, but it didn't make much of an impact on my hair. However, I think it would be great for thinner, more flyaway hair. The nano-silver titanium flat iron plates did a fantastic job of gliding smoothly through the hair and the comprehensive instructions gave great advice to get the most out of them. I've only used them to straighten so far, although there are directions for using them to curl hair too. I was amazed at how quick the straighteners worked on my hair. I have always struggled to straighten my hair, because, previously, it has taken a really long time to have any real effect. The before and after photos below took under twenty minutes to go from blowdried (left) to straightened (right). That photo was taken 24 hours ago, and my hair is still straight and still freeze free, despite going out on the bus this morning! This has never happened before, and I can only assume it's the ionic technology doing it's thing! I have been really surprised and absolutely thrilled with the efficiency of these straighteners and I will be using them regularly now, which is the best recommendation I can give!

Hair Straightened, Before and After

A review of Lee Stafford's hair ionic hair straighteners, with before and after photos of my extra thick hair.



  1. These look like a great pair of straighteners. I love how quick they are to use and how quickly they heat up. Loving the iconic action! #TriedTested

  2. These look fab! I love easy to use things like this as I am the worst at styling my hair despite having all the tools to do it! #triedtested

  3. Straighteners really have come a long way in the last twenty years - I've been using GHDS for about fifteen years now and can't imagine buying anything else but it's great to know there are alternatives.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  4. I made the switch from GHD's to Lee Stafford straighteners a few years ago and never looked back!! Mine were a fraction of the price and just as good, if not better. and they've never blown up like my ghds did on several occassions! x #triedandtested


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