Friday, 23 August 2019

A 13 Year Old's Party at AirHop - Review

Each year it gets harder to come up with original and fun party ideas to celebrate L's birthday. It's important to mark the occasion, but older children have different ideas about what's entertaining! This year, however, I got really lucky and won  a party at Airhop in Bristol. We were celebrating L's 13th birthday and, since it's tricky to think of party ideas for older children, I thought I would share our experience. The Extreme UV party has many fun features and this post details how it was received by our guests who ranged in age from 6 to mid-forties! Could we really find a party idea that suited everyone? And what exactly is a UV experience? 

Facing Depression: Beginning Again

I have had depression for a few months now. I haven't published anything during that time and I have become a master at procrastination. Finding other things to do has become something of a speciality, whilst I avoid this truth. Avoiding admitting that things haven't been going so great and I haven't been handling things as well as I could. Today's parents were raised to see coping as a sign of strength and anything else; disorganisation, apathy, emotion, as a sign of weakness. As such, I see my inability to fulfil my life roles, for whatever reason, as a personal failure and I assume others will view it the same way.
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