Friday, 29 July 2016

We're Going Camping! Excitement and Some Beginners Tips!

Tent in Garden with title overlaidThere is much excitement in The Parent Game household today, as we have just had word we are going camping! I had never even been in a tent until last year, when we went on an amazing adventure to Roebeck Country Park on the Isle of Wight. It was a glamping holiday, so not 'proper' camping, although I thought it was camping heaven, as we arrived and the beds were made! This year, though, we are going for it, with our own tent and totally self-sufficient, with the help of Scotts Menswear and Blacks. As I've not been camping in a tent before, I have requested some advice and assistance from my favourite bloggers, who have some sage advice on the subject. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Sunday Photo; Catch a Falling Balloon

Using forced perspective to make it look like he is holding an air balloon

Beautiful Birmingham, a City of Culture and Cordiality

A sculpture of a head from a Birmingham museum. Recently, I visited Birmingham with my daughter, to go to a Blogger's Conference. I have been promising myself since then that I would write a post about it, because everytime I go there, which isn't often enough, I'm reminded what a beautiful city it is. It's not just the architecture, it's the people too. Wherever I've travelled, I've never come across a more naturally friendly population! The atmosphere is friendly and relaxe and it always makes me want to go back again. Read on to find out more about this fair city, through the eyes of an infrequent visitor!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

7 Things that Always Happen on a Family Road Trip, and How to Avoid Them

For some reason, us parents often have very short memories. We are also gluttons for punishment and so it is that, every now and again, we decide to gleefully pile all the children into the car and take off on an impromtu road trip to visit pastures new. Forgetting, of course, that most children don't actually travel very well and car journeys are often frought with drama and despair, as your car is quickly reduced to somewhere between a zoo and a warzone. So, I've written this list to remind you of why you promised yourself you wouldn't travel that far trapped in a metal box with your kids ever again, and how to avoid some of the horrors that await you if you do.

We Love the Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

Vax Pure Air 300 Air PurifierFor some reason, Bristol has had some of the best weather in the country this summer. Hazy days, followed by humid nights have made us feel pretty good. Also, just a little bit special, particularly when hearing about other, less sunshine-y parts of the country. There has been a definite downside though. It starts with the sneezing. The endless, snuffly sneezing. Then come the itchy eyes, and the general cold-like grogginess. Oh yes, it's hay fever season and don't we know it! This year, though, we were offered a Vax Pure Air 300 to review. Read on to find out how it coped with the pollen onslaught. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

6 Easy Toning Exercises that don't Require Effort!

Kites in the sky with title overlaidMany of us know we should probably exercise more. To be healthy and, in some cases, to tidy up our jiggly bits. I'm not saying you shouldn't embrace your jiggly bits, you should, unless you'd rather not, in which case, exercise is the answer! However it can be a little repetitive and, therefore, very, very dull, particularly toning, which helps to target those problem areas that other exercise won't. With busy lives, it's not always easy to find the time to have a proper exercise regime, so I've come up with some ideas to inject a little toning into your life. They won't turn you into a supermodel, but they might help a bit. As with all exercise, don't overdo it, and consult a professional if you are not sure, as I am definitely not one of those.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cooking Fantastic Healthy Meals with Mindful Chef

Vegetables arranged in a pattern on a kitchen worktop
I was asked by Mindful Chef, if I would like to review their recipe delivery service. The subscription service offers healthy, gluten free recipe ingredients, delivered to your door. You can pick from a range of recipes from the website, and the options change each week. They offered to send a free meal box, containing all the ingredients to make two healthy, nutritious meals from scratch. As well as being an excellent and convenient way to cook healthy meals for the family, I thought it would make a brilliant gift for students or any young person wanting to learn to cook. So I asked Jade if she would like to have a go at reviewing the box and here's what she said... 

Robinsons to the Rescue, Now My Son Drinks Water!

Boy pouring from a Robinsons Squash'd bottle with title overlaid. How much, and what, L drinks has been a bit of an issue in our house over the years. When he was younger he had some struggles with food and we did our best to work through them and encouraged him to try new things, until he had a relatively varied diet and wasn't afraid of new tastes. One final battle has remained though, and it would rear its ugly head every time the weather began to warm up. He wouldn't drink water. At all. In any shape or form. Milk, mainly, or tea. Fizzy drinks were agreeable, but for some reason anything else was a real struggle.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Chasing Seasons; A Poem about Time

Sunset behind Reeds with Title Overlaid
Stop, slow down! But life goes on.
Too fast! A current, raging strong.
Trying to cling to each new scene,
A crumbling rock in a rushing stream

Caught up in life's absorbing whirl,
Marvelling at each new vibrant swirl,
We're swept away, each holding on,
Regardless, always, life goes on.

My Sunday Photo: Real-Life Hexbug

A larva of a Harlequin Ladybird, that looks like a Hexbug.
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