Tuesday, 27 February 2018

30 Last Minute Easy World Book Day Ideas for Boys

Pile of books, with title overlaid. When mine were younger, I always found costumes for boys much harder to think of and it got harder every year to think of something different. So, if you had no idea it was World Book Day, didn't get the letter, or are just generally really busy, here are some last minute World Book Day costumes for boys that should get you out of trouble. They can hopefully be created from items you already have at home, just pick the one that suits what you can find. Don't worry if they haven't read the book, it's a great opportunity to learn a new story and all the costumes come from either classic children's books or the top 100 children's book list. 

25 Last Minute World Book Day Ideas for Girls

Fairy tale book and crown with title overlaid
If, like, me, you are prone to leaving things to the last minute, or, you just don't have a lot of spare time, you might be in search of easy, quick, World Book day costume ideas. Here are the easiest costumes I could think of for girls, hopefully using items you will already have at home. You may not be able to do all of them, the idea is to pick one that suits what you have in your house. If they don't know the book, then start reading, quick! It's a great opportunity to learn something new, and all the books I chose are either children's classics or from the top 100 children's book list. The costumes are meant to be easy, not perfect, but they should get you out of trouble!

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Friday, 23 February 2018

What's in My Make Up Bag

Make up bag, with products, and title overlaid
Thanks to Lauren from Scrapbook Lives for tagging me in her post, asking what's in my make up bag. I was really keen to take part, since I've only recently started wearing make up more often. I used to only wear it for evenings out, but since hitting 30ish, plus VAT, I am finding I resemble the unfortunate victim of a Miss Marple episode, if I don't make at least a bit of an effort. So this post features the products I love enough to give them their own bag. In most cases, it's because they are great products, but there's at least one that I only keep in there for the name. Welcome to the shallow world of my make up bag!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Flooring Options for a Family Home

Title Text on a Wood Floor Background
I have a dilemma. We really need to update our home interior, which includes replacing our downstairs carpet, but we can't decide what with, and it's getting more and more threadbare by the day. I would love to try wood flooring, as I am fed up with trying to keep the thoroughfare between the kitchen and the dining table clean, but the husband isn't keen. I wondered if other people have this issue too, so thought I would set out the pros and cons of different flooring types, to try to help me decide, and maybe help out anyone else who's undecided too. So here it is, my guide to modern flooring for a family home and what I like about them all!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

An Easy Cupcake Recipe that Saved the Day

Decorated cupcakes with title overlaid.
Who would have thought an innocent cake could cause so much trouble? It all started when The Husband innocently suggested he would make a cake to take into work, like he has done many times before. Except he forgot that this day was stock take, which involves 25 people, more than twice the usual cake-consumers. One cake was never going to be enough. What he didn't realise was, when you increase the volume of cake, the potential for disaster increases too. Here's what happened next, and how a decent fool-proof cupcake recipe can always put things right. Save this one for when you need your cakes to turn out right the first time!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Friday, 16 February 2018

Is Autism Even Real?

Word cloud question mark with title around it. Anyone who knows me at all, particularly if you've read my Awesome Autism post, will realise pretty quickly that this is an ironic title, not something I personally believe, or have even considered. It is, however, something I hear a lot, so I would like to take this opportunity to explain why, in my view, the title above is a really stupid question. This will be based on observation and experience, which, in fairness, is something people really ought to rely on, before making silly statements that are likely to cause upset and distress to others, instead of just letting any old garbage fall out of their open mouths. Is Autism even real? Let the ranting begin.

Monday, 12 February 2018

No School Attendance Policy will Prevent Childhood Illness

Pencil and sharpenings with text overlaid
School absence is a subject that comes up a lot these days. It's a society-wide issue, for many reasons and is often a subject of media scrutiny. It can be to blame for everything from criminal activity to unemployment statistics and, whilst I am not denying it's an issue, I'm really starting to think Ofsted have got it a bit wrong. To be clear, I fully support the need for children to be in school, but there are always going to be issues that cause a child to be absent, such as illness, and this is partly what I want to focus on. I realise holidays in term time are another issue, but that is a big enough issue for a whole new post!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

House Cleaning: Budget Tricks and Short Cuts!

Rubber gloved hand cleaning a kitchen sinkI do love a good old fashioned housewifely remedy for a tricky cleaning task. In our current economy, you can really save a lot of money by having a few household staples in your cupboard for tackling a variety of cleaning tasks. Sometimes, even if you are really short of cash and everything is looking a bit tired and dated, a good spring clean can make you feel so much better and give your home a much needed lift. It's also much better for the environment and your health too. Everyone would love a sparkly clean home, but no one once the bleach smell and rough hands that often comes with it. 
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