Friday, 13 July 2018

Thoughts on Homophobia #Pride

I was brought up in an era where being gay wasn't yet fully accepted. It was getting there, but homophobia and bigotry take a long time to die. Relationships in general weren't really talked about and I don't remember ever encountering an openly gay couple until I was in my teens. The word 'gay' wasn't spoken out loud, particularly around children, and it was an era of many, many euphemisms and wildly inappropriate expressions. I can talk quite openly with my children about sex, relationships, anything really, (age appropriately, of course!) but in those days, grown ups were excruciatingly embarrassed. All the time.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

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Why I Love Instagram but Still get it Wrong

Why I Love Instagram, but Still Get it Wrong - Instagram CollageThere are certain things I really like about social media, and certain things I don't. It has great power to affect a person's mood, outlook, even relationships, which isn't good, but on the other hand, it can provide a lifeline for people who are lonely, or just not very confident socially. The key seems to be not to take it too seriously, which is why I'm particularly fond of Instagram. It's mainly inoffensive pictures and quotes and a mindless scroll is quite relaxing. Also I love taking photos and looking at other photos, so it's perfect for me. It seems, though, that I've been doing it all wrong, but I'm not about to change. Here's why.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Thoughts From a Mum on the NHS at 70

NHS at 70 - Photo taken inside Southmead HospitalLike most parents, I've had a lot of dealings with the NHS over the years, and I thought it was only right that I should recognise its 70th birthday. I have written political commentary previously on the struggles that the NHS faces and I still  do worry about our government's commitment to this service and the effect of budget cuts and sneaky privatisation. Today isn't about that, though, today is about celebrating a service that many of us, including me, don't often stop to appreciate. It's about recognising what the NHS, as a whole, actually means and what it gives to us as a nation. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What is the Best Age to Start a Family

What is the Best Age to Start a Family - Newborn being bottle fed.
Having children is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and many thoughts will cross your mind as you consider your options for starting a family. Maybe you've always known how many children you would like and what age you hope to be, or perhaps life has made that decision for you. Either way, there is always a lot of debate and advice about the best age to have children, with really no right or wrong answers. I have got together with some brilliant parent bloggers to give you the low down on the best bits of parenthood, at different ages and life stages to help you get some perspective on what to expect when the time comes.
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