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I started this blog in 2012 for parents of not just babies and toddlers, but those with older children and students too, since I couldn't seem to find many for this age group. As my children have a large age gap, I was meeting a lot of mums who had no confidence and felt they just weren't 'making the grade'. That's why I chose the title, because, sometimes, parenting can feel like a game. Some of us can feel like we are the last to be picked for the team, or like we are running to catch up all the time. Please note, the omission of the word 'Mummy Blogger', this blog is intended for all parents and carers!

The blog is intended to offer tips and cheats to make life a little less challenging, but also to offer some reassurance that we are all the same. You don't get a manual and most parents are muddling along, trying to look like they know what they are doing. Every stage of parenting is a new experience, but it's ok, because no one else knows what they are doing either! With regular contributions from The Husband, The Student and Luke, we hope to provide a rounded view of family life from the Bristol fringe.

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  1. well you must be doing something right as your kids are always smiling in photos!

  2. Good to hear you have not used the term Mummy Blogger


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