Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our Weekend Wanderings, Week Eight!

Bath Pug with title overlayed
Last weekend began on a Friday, because I couldn't let some awesome artwork pass by, without giving it a mention. I have to admit, it wasn't the most exciting weekend, as I somehow managed to injure my leg, doing absolutely nothing and haven't been able to walk on it since. It's really been annoying me. If I get a painful injury, I want an exciting story to go with it. At the very least, I want to have done something to earn it. No fair! We did manage a couple of trips out, though,and Jade did very well after being dispatched to Lush for emergency bath bombs! 

Firstly, then, awesome artwork! L is a Digital Leader at his school. One of a group of young people who help with the computers and get involved in various computer-related activities, one of which is to promote Safer Internet Day. Internet safety is a very important aspect of school life and one most schools make an effort to promote. L's Digital Leader group were asked to design a poster to promote internet safety, and I saw it on the wall, when I went to collect him from school on Friday. I thought it was so cool, I'm going to leave it here, for you to marvel at. It's the emotion on poor little Pikachu's face that I love!

Handrawn internet safety poster, fetauring Pikachu

On Saturday, we finally managed to get the car to the doc's. I've been worrying about it since it nearly overheated when we went to Weymouth. Luckily, there's a lovely garage near us in Yate, called DVS Motor Services, who are really good. I always get nervous in garages, that they won't be entirely honest with what needs doing, or will bump the price up, so I'm always relieved to find one that will just tell you what's wrong, give you a price and stick to it! The prices are very fair too. It turns out it needs ... something, something, fan... something, something, cooling. Blah. I wasn't really listening, which is another good reason why I prefer not to be ripped off! So we have to wait for a part and in the meantime try not to drive it in traffic. In Bristol?! Since the launch of the Metrobus scheme, it seems like there are roadworks every three miles, while they dig up most of the city. No idea why, surely they are just bus lanes? But it's carnage out there, I've never seen so many traffic cones! I will feel better when the car has it's ... fan... thing ... back. 

Yoga pose inside No Entry sign.

So, due to my injury, I couldn't go to Yoga this week, and I was properly fed up. Instead, we decided to do the opposite of Yoga; Costa. Where I thought I'd better take a photograph, or I would have nothing to put in this post. The boys, of course, reacted in their usual style, and this is the photo I got. *sigh* 

Father and son enjoying a Costa

After that, the pain was pretty bad, so I hobbled home again, not before dispatching Jade to Lush for some bathbombs. I am more of a shower girl, I don't have the patience for baths. However, it was necessary, so I thought I may as well make it worth my while. I was disappointed I couldn't go. The Lush shop smells divine, I like to venture in there for a sniff when I can! They have so many lovely products and the staff are always available to help with explanations and advice. The selection we got today included one giant bomb, the Mum bomb, and this awesome giraffe bubble bar, which was built to last a bit longer, having two separate, smaller bars on one stick. 

Selection of Lush bath products

Of course, I had to go for the Mum bar. It turned the water a rather vivid pink, and smelled lovely. I was just getting into my Lush Soup, when I spotted a note, which read 'Thanks Mum'. It had been hidden in the centre of the bomb, and floated to the surface as it dissolved. Nice touch, I thought. I imagine these will be very popular for Mother's Day. Can't think of anything sweeter than grabbing a quiet five minutes to yourself and finding a thank you message floating atop your bathwater unexpectedly! 

Thanks Mum graphic

That pretty much ended our weekend, and I have to say, it really wasn't a patch on the last one! I hope yours was better and, if you know anyone waiting to find out their school place for September, I hope they got the result they wanted. Have a great week! 

Two children leaving for school, holding hands.



  1. My daughter loves to go to Lush, I wonder if she'll go there to get me that Mum one, I won't hold my breath! BTW we have that pug bath plug, or rather my daughter has, she's pug mad

    1. Every home should have a bath pug! Maybe you should leave the lush pic open on your laptop and hope she sees it?


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