Monday, 13 February 2017

Free Valentines Verses to Use as You Wish

A close up of a red rose, with a background of gypsophillia
For Valentine's Day this year, I thought I would have a little fun, and maybe help out a few potential suitors at the same time. Suitors? Really?! Is that the best you can come up with, online thesaurus? Oh well, I suppose it's better than 'swain' or 'beau'. Anyway, I've been busy writing some valentine's verses, which can be written in cards, or even put in a text, if you're not that romantic. You are welcome to take them away and make them your own, and no one need ever know you didn't write them. I have to warn you though, most of them are pretty silly, because I am not so good at the romantic stuff!

The Silly Ones

For the gadget lover...

I’d give you my heart’s very fire,
I would give you the whole of my soul,         
I would give you all you desire,
Except the remote control! 

For the cat lover...

I know all your little secrets, 
Like farting and blaming the cat, 
True love is not letting you know
That no kitty could smell like that! 

For the one with a few little faults...

You don’t walk the dog, or take out the trash, 
You decorate the bathroom with more than one splash, 
You test my patience, you drive me up the wall, 
But I think you’re bloomin’ perfect and wouldn’t change you at all!

For the car lover...

I hope you love the beautiful flowers
And the expensive perfume goes far,
While you’re eating those lovely posh chocolates,
Shall I confess what I did to the car?

For the hopeless romantic...

I may have smelly feet, 
You might have hairy toes, 
But in the unlikeliest places, 
The sweetest flower grows. 

Honesty is sometimes the best policy...

I know you love me lots, 
Because of all the things you do,
And I know I may not show it, 
But I really love you too.

I'm just not good with words or
The soppy, romantic part, 
And even though I nicked this rhyme, 
I mean it from the heart!

But not always...

My farts are there to warm you, 
My abandoned socks will keep you fit, 
And you'll always find a useful plate,
Everywhere you sit.

These little treats I leave you, 
Because I love you so, 
And so that you will think of me,
Everywhere you go! 

And Some Soppy Ones


If sometimes you catch me looking at you, 
For a random moment in time, 
It’s just where I’m remembering 
How lucky I am that you’re mine.

The little things...

Those cups of tea you make me, 
Are more than just a brew, 
It’s the little things in life, 
That best say ‘I love you’. 

It's not about the money...

Our love is not built on possessions, 
It’s not contained in a balance sheet, 
It’s staying up talking for hours, 
When we probably should be asleep. 

It’s those little moments we laugh, 
When no one else understands, 
It’s the days when I smile to myself, 
Because I’m so glad you’re my man.


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