Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Our Weekend Wanderings, Week Six!

Welcome to week six of my weekly weekend updates. I think I'm getting better at this, it's just gone 1am, so it's still technically Tuesday in my opinion. I'll be getting these out on a Monday by the end of the year, no problem. I need to, because I have the worst memory, so it's either that or start taking notes, like a journal for my journal. Which sounds time-consuming. Photos help. I actually think that's one of the advantages the digital age has brought us, pictorial reminders of the little things you'd otherwise forget. Things that might not matter, but suddenly do, like when did I buy those shoes that just fell apart, or when did we last get our haircut. Anyway, I digress... 

The weekend began with a very happy Friday afternoon. L's school has a really lovely scheme where they pick two children from each class to receive a certificate for something they've done well. The best part is, you get a secret text letting you know they will be getting one, and you are invited to go along and watch. It's so lovely when they troop out in their lines and see you sitting there. The pride on their faces as they each clock their parents is adorable. This one was especially lovely because they really couldn't say enough about how well he has been doing lately and I think his face in the photo says it all. Sorry about the quality, parents sit at the back of the hall and I don't think they would appreciate a gigantic paparazzi lens, even if I had one! 

On Saturday I went shopping. On a Saturday, when everyone else goes shopping. Not fun. We've had to get used to shopping at busier times, since Phil's hours changed. For years he worked weekends, and we used to enjoy blissful shopping trips in the dead of the work day. The only other customers, were those elderly people who like to meet several trolleys in the middle of the busiest aisle and discuss... I don't know what. we do get to do fun stuff as a family more though, so it's not all bad. Saturday's trip was worth it though, because I got a lucky bag from the Yankee Candle stall in the shopping centre. If you've never seen one, they are really fun. I don't think grown ups get enough (nice) surprises in life, so this was a lovely treat. You obviously can't see what's in it, but it does tell you how much the contents are worth, which is usually about twice what you pay. I got a large glass pillar candle holder and two small candle jars; Vanilla Lime, and Candy Cane Lane, which both smell of sweets and are lovely. The lady who runs the stall is really sweet and I hope to go back again in a couple of months and get another one, perhaps for my birthday.

On Sunday I finally plucked up the courage to go to my first Yoga class. You've probably guessed the title pic is not me. That is how it didn't go! Oh my goodness, why is it soooo hard?! Nobody tells you this, it's meant to be all relaxing and lovely, but it's actually really hard work and so painful! I have to be honest, I couldn't do a lot of the moves, but I figured anything was better than nothing. I hadn't realised how uncoordinated I was, for a start. It was quite fast moving and I was spending way to long working out my left from my right. Also, and this is the really embarrassing part, I just wasn't bendy enough for some of the poses. The worst part, was when she asked us to lie on our backs and hold our feet. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently not. I started trying, but then I realised I must look like an abandoned turtle and I started laughing. Then, to make matters worse, I could hear the lady behind me laughing too, probably because she could see me flapping around helplessly, and that was it, I was laughing to much to do anything. I don't think the instructor noticed, which was a relief, but I really must try to master that pose if I don't want to look ridiculous! When the class was finished we felt really spaced out, and so sore! We discovered muscles we didn't know we had that day! Luckily Phil made a pretty spectacular cottage pie, so at least I was saved from having to cook anything, because it would probably have been beans on toast! 

That was our weekend, hope you had a lovely one too. Why not enter our competition and see if you can make the next one even better! 

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  1. I used to do body balance which some of it is yoga, I used to break out in a sweat, I feel yr pain :)


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