Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Our Weekend Wanderings, Week Five!

It's hard to believe it's week five already. It's been nice writing these posts, I feel I'm getting to appreciate the good bits of life a bit more, before they fly by. This was actually quite a busy one and I even remembered to take photos. It was a weekend of firsts, as I did something I've never done before. Wait for it... I went to a Frankie and Benny's! I know, I know, how did I manage to exist on the planet for all these years without ever crossing the threshold of an F&Bs, but there you go, it's been a sheltered life. In another first, I also had my first 'proper' cocktail, but before that, there was cake and fabulous shoes, just in time for our night out. This is our weekend and what we loved about it. 

I was quite keen to get something new to wear for our trip out. I rarely buy new clothes, as I am not a huge fan of shopping. In all honesty, it's not the shopping itself, that's quite fun, but why is it always so hot?! I went to our local shopping centre and I swear it was like the Bahamas in there. John Lewis is always the worst, as soon as you walk through the entrance, it's like stepping off a plane into the tropics! Anyway, the heat makes me grumpy and impatient, so I generally leave empty-handed or grab the first thing I see, without trying it on, which never works. I try a few different shops, but I'm never quite sure where I'm meant to shop at my age, anyway, so I nearly always seem to end up in Marks and Spencers. Which is fine, because I can usually find something I like. This time though, it was even more fortuitous, as they had a 90% off sale! The joy of a bargain even made the heat more bearable and I was very good and tried everything on and only bought what I really felt I would wear. I spent just under £20 and bought a skirt and trousers (originally £50 each) and then, I can't imagine how this happened, some shoes fell into my basket accidentally. It must have been an accident, because Phil is always telling me I have too many pairs and I definitely do not need to buy anymore. But of course I had to and I'm sure you'll agree, they were worth the £4.89 I paid! 

Frankie and Benny's was a great and we had a lovely evening. The staff were really friendly and the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed, considering it was pretty busy. We both said we would love to go back again. The cocktails were especially good. I had a Brandy Alexander, which consisted of chocolate liqueur, cream and Martell brandy. It was really delicious and I would definitely recommend it! I really wanted to make a birthday cake for a friend for the occasion, but this is something that's become harder for me to do these days because of my pain issues. So, not one to give up, I hatched a plan. I decided to make a 'pigs in mud' cake, which can be made in three parts. I made the icing pigs first, which can be done sitting down anyway, as they are made with royal icing, which is a bit like modelling with plasticine! then I made the cakes the following day, so that all I had left to do was throw on some chocolate icing. It worked out brilliantly and, despite how easy it is to make, everyone seemed pretty impressed with it, even the staff at the restaurant! Here we are about to enjoy the results of my (not really) hard work! 

The following morning, I received some beautiful flowers and even had breakfast cooked for me, which was a lovely way to start the day. Not sure what the occasion was, but sometimes it's best not to ask! The flowers are still going strong, especially the irises. I've never had irises before and it turns out they look stunning when they open out fully. Another weekend bites the dust, but I'm already looking forward to the next one. I'm starting a new Yoga class, which I'm really hoping won't be too hard, so that I can make it a regular thing. I'll report back next week with a progress report, I just hope I don't totally embarrass myself! Have a great week! 



  1. a tip for not overheating in shops, don't wrap up and only wear a t-shirt under a think coat. its all related to that lovely little thing called the thyroid. the mums at school much think I am mad doing the school run in a thin coat, but if I popping into asda on way home I don't need thick lol

    1. I think you're right, they are thinking of the staff when they set the thermostat. It would be more helpful if they turned down the heating and made them wear more layers, ha ha!


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