Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Concentrix - What Now? An Update and Thank You!

White fireworks in the sky. After all the excitement of Lynn's appearance on The Victoria Derbyshire show yesterday, great news has been announced with the decision not to renew Concentrix's current contract. After all the support that Lynn has received from readers of this blog, we would both like to thank everyone for all the signatures on the petition and the tweets and comments that helped with this very important cause. A lot of people have been asking about the next steps, as it doesn't end here. Lynn, and many people like her, are still without essential funds and there is a bigger fight to be won.

So, here is an update from Lynn, on what you can do, if you are affected, and how you can help in other ways, if you have been moved to action by some of the horrendous stories that have come out in the media. Over to Lynn...

Concentrix - What Now? #ConcentrixPuttingfamiliesintopoverty

So waking this morning to the news that HMRC are not going to renew the contract with Concentrix next May.

Wonderful, BUT and it is a big BUT; What Now? We still have no money, we still are all pulling our hair out wondering when things will improve, we still have no answers.

This will not end in days or weeks but months. Months of more people being continually penalised and broken by a system supposedly there to help us.

I have spoken to MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh’s office this morning and the general advice is to write to your MP as they CAN help you.
If you are in immediate hardship then your local Citizen Advice Bureau or your local Job Center should be able to advise you depending on where in the UK you live.

I have written a template for you to be able to download or copy and paste and post/email to your local MP - you can find your MP HERE by entering your postcode.

Please continue to join in #TheCollective on FB & Twitter using the #Concentrixputtingfamiliesintopoverty.

So HMRC have promised to send in staff and get the backlog cleared as soon as possible but this still means that Concentrix will be handling cases for months yet!

As the saying goes “We may have have won the battle, but we haven’t won the war!”

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  1. Thank-you for this, I'm 1 of the many still struggling being given essentials every wk by a lady I met through this struggle if it wasn't for her and her friend my children would if either starved or got put into care, before I met her online I hadn't eaten for days and my kids barely had enough each day to stop their stomachs rumbling,this made me feel like a failure, having no gas for wks has been a big problem trying to get 3 kids bathed for school whilst running the hot water very slowly from the shower to make a bath because we don't have. A proper shower enclosure or curtain so thanks Concentrix this is such fun and we have you to thank for it. If it wasn't for all the amazing people campaigning on social media those useless idiots would of kept the contract I feel proud to of been a small part of bombarding Concentrix and so many others with our stories and our pleas for help. Well done to us all


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