Tuesday, 6 September 2016

10 Phrases You'll Recognise If You Grew up with 90's TV

Television has a lot to answer for and one of its legacies is catchphrases. There are obvious ones, usually originating from Bruce Forsyth, but then there are the less obvious ones, many of which have found their way into common usage and can be heard up and down the country, without any even knowing, or remembering, where they originally came from. Here, I will try and put that right. If you grew up with 90's TV, you may recognise some of these examples, if I've forgotten any good ones, feel free to add them to the comments! 

How you doin'?

Yes, it's true, there was a time before Friends existed on television. That was 1994 when some of our favourite catchphrases and sarcastic expressions were born, as well as this classic line from Joey.

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!

From the American comedy for the teenage market, Keenan and Kel offered some quality catchphrases. If you were a child of the nineties, this exchange probably still takes place at the sight of a bottle of Fanta.

Smell ya later!

This phrase featured in the opening title sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and quickly became the fond farwell of any self respecting teenager leaving anywhere at all.

Bouquet Residence!

No one who watched television in the nineties can say the word 'bucket' without thinking about the stuck up Hyacinth with her pretentious pronunciations and over the top lifestyle.

Bucket containing Sunflowers

Naughty Noo Noo! and Eh oh!

If you were a small child of the nineties, or indeed a parent of a small person, these phrases would have driven you up the wall. Toast had to be round, custard had to be pink and The Tellytubbies taught us that using your mouth to form words was for losers.

Swing Your Pants!

Looking back, I'm not entirely sure who thought this was a good idea for a sketch on Saturday morning television. It was absolutely bonkers. Trevor and Simon had a lot to answer for as infleuncers of our youth and this was one of them!

Bloody 'ell, Barbara! and *insert unlikely fact* my arse!

I don't know how we ever managed to be properly sarcastic before we learned the joy of adding 'my arse' to the end of every sentence. Yes, it's lazy, and a little bit rude, but it conveys so much.

To me, to you!

If you stand in the car park at B & Q for long enough, I guarantee that two fellas of a certain age will utter these immortal words. We had no idea,watching Chucklevision in the Nineties, that these words would leave such a legacy on DIY enthusiasts and furniture movers everywhere.

Loadsa money! and Only me!

Not to mention quite a few other catchphrases that have stood the test of time. Like an encyclopaedia of verbal emojis, if you had something you need to express, Harry Enfield and Chums probably had the answer. 


This last one is slightly later and has, thankfully, all but died out now. I'm including it, though, because it produced some of the silliest, and most hilarious kids TV ever. It was only really funny, because they found it funny, the barely supressed giggles are pretty infectious. Dick and Dom were responsible for the Bogies game and all you had to do was shout 'Bogies' louder than your opponent in a public place. Sounds easy? Try it! Here they are in Glasgow library, with some of the most ridiculous television ever produced!



  1. hehehe....This made me smile! I forgot all about Keenan and Kel.

  2. I love Trevor & Simon - "We don't do duvets!" I still say it for goodness sake lol! Dick and Dom however, my goodness I still have such a crush on Dom and #BOGIES reigns supreme at Camp Bestival every summer!

    1. my mother always says 'we don't do duvets' when she sorts the washing.

  3. I can only recall a couple of them.

  4. Haha great, I remember all of these :-)


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