Monday, 5 September 2016

Life on the Other Side

Somebody just said to me that in a few days, it will be under a hundred days until Christmas. Firstly, how?! Last week, it was July and we were debating whether or not to get the big paddling pool out and the week before that, it was April and I was contemplating how long I could make the final year of my thirties last. Well, clearly that last thought didn't go according to plan! Secondly; who does that? I mean children do, obviously, but it does perplex me when adults can't contain their excitement for Christmas from September onwards. Retailers can't either. The manager of my local supermarket is really over excited, he's already got his Christmas displays up, I think he is reliving his childhood.

Building with Christmas decorations, and flowering hanging baskets.
 I love Christmas, honest I do, just not that bit. The early start is actually the bit that bothers me about the festive season the most. I love the family aspect and the fact that it's the time of the year when we try to make an effort for each other, but I hate how it starts so early that, by the time it's wintry and starting to feel like Christmas time, we already had enough! I took this picture last year, I love the ironic contrast of the tinsel against the sunny blue sky, but in truth, it does annoy me too. I think it's because, as adults, there's another side, that's a bit more stressful. Where we have to organise everything and buy it all. So, what I've been thinking recently is, is it only the people who struggle with money who don't like the commercial build up to Christmas? If money wasn't an issue, would I be excited about it in a different way. I don't think I'll ever be one of those parents who buries their children in gifts, I have always wanted them to appreciate what they get, but what if I could buy them what ever I liked, without looking at the price tag? 

Boy with happy face, opening a Christmas present. L would be easy; PS4, Go Pro Hero4, iPad mini, Gadget Boy would be in his element with any of those and so would I. This was his face last year, when he got his first headset, with a microphone for Youtube, so I can't imagine what he would do if he got his dream gadget. Jade, though, is a different matter altogether. Firstly, she is brilliant with money, so if she really wants something, she would save up and buy it. Secondly, she looks after things, so nothing breaks, or wears out. She still has tiny, delicate pieces of jewellery that I bought her when she was about seven. Millions of penguins, of course, but she doesn't have a real one, so that's a thought, but where to keep it... I think what she needs is more designer labels in her life. A Chanel handbag, a blingy watch. Although, after all these years being careful with money, it would probably still have to be a second-hand Rolex, but it's the thought that counts. 

It is funny how upbringing plays a part in how we view gifts. As much as it would be lovely to be able to buy them anything I wanted to, I don't think it's a bad thing that they appreciate what they have. I often wonder how they would have turned out, if money had been no object. I hope they would still have looked after their things and recognised the value of money, but, when I think of  how they are now, I don't think life as an average family is such a bad thing. 

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  1. I admit it was me.... 99 days on the 14th YAYYYY although this year I'll be lucky to afford Ev a card. We have each other though and a home so things could be much much worse... Still excited though - Can I put my tree up yet???

    1. No you may not, you are driving me mad already! :-P It's good that you can enjoy it for what it should be though, I hope it's lovely for you regardless of spends!


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