Thursday, 15 September 2016

My Weird Christmas List

Christmas gifts under a tree, with feet. Sorry to mention Christmas, but for some reason, it always starts creeping into my mind, once everyone goes back to school. I know what L wants, he's easy, but adults are so much trickier. They get more difficult as they get older too, because they've either already got it, or just decide to buy it anyway, in a fit of retirement-induced boredom (mentioning no names, you know who you are!). So I thought I would share with you all the strange things I've thought of, that I would quite like for Christmas this year. Perhaps it will give you inspiration for your own relatives, or just a window into the inner workings of my slightly bonkers mind. 

Teapot with Roses
First up, is my long running obsession with tea sets. This is the most normal thing on my list, as I thought I would ease you in gently. I love matching crockery in pretty pastels, ideally with butterflies on. The more the better. The whole shebang; plates, cups saucers, those rectangular sandwich trays and, of course, a huge cake stand, with at least three tiers. Why? I have literally no idea, but I love having tea in a pot with little cakes on a cake stand. It is a lovely thing to do with an afternoon, but I've never had a whole matching set and one day I am going to own one!

Number two, is a little bit weirder, but you might understand. Astroturf! I've mentioned my garden before and how nothing really grows, because it's still suffering from being a building site when we first moved here. It drives me absolutely mental that we (I always have to help  as some of us lack coordination with the grass box!) have to cut the grass all the time and it's mostly weeds. What's the point? I get nothing from this. I can't even walk across it in bare feet, because of the thistles. It gives me nothing. The grass is most definitely greener in the Astroturf shop and I want some! 

Robovacuum Cleaner Now, to receive number 3, someone would have to break the cardinal rule of gift giving. Because it's a domestic appliance. I know! I'm sorry, I know it goes against every feminist meme that ever existed, but I love household gadgets and I would happily get them as presents, without so much as raising an affronted eyebrow! This is my appliance of choice right now, I desperately want one of these! A vacuum cleaning robot. I would even give it a name. Victor. Victor the Vac. Anything that makes housework easier and/ or more entertaining is fine by me, at any time of year! This one belongs to my friend and I am very jealous of it. 

Last but not least, and I've got nowhere to put it, is a carport! Like this one, from 123v. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I love our little car and I think it needs a little house of its own. It always looks so sad when it rains! Also, parking can get a bit tricky sometimes, so it would be nice to just be able to drive it into its own designated area. Secondly, I am always really jealous of people with any kind of outside shelter, because it gives you somewhere to sit out and have barbecues without worrying about the weather and you can still dry the washing in the winter! I'm back to domestic chores again. I think maybe I need to reevaluate my life. No one should get this excited about drying washing or hoovering. There it is. though, the weird things I would pick for my Christmas list. I wonder who can beat me with their own strange request!

*Produced in association with 123v

Car port with Mercedes inside



  1. Oh god, do we have to think about Christmas already? Noooooo, I'm in denial! I'd be very happy if someone bought me a tea set, nothing better than a proper cup of tea!

  2. Agree, I love a good tea set! Great idea about the car port, my car has to be parked under a tea in our garden and I've always wondered how I could prevent the foliage landing on top!

  3. You can't go wrong with a good tea set from Emma Bridgewater as they are so pretty to display when not in use.


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