Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Parenting and Trying to Relax

Lady seated by lake, readingDifferent parents face different hurdles when it comes to relaxing. I've heard new parents tell me they can't even relax on the toilet! I've certainly faced different challenges since having a boy, they seem to be a whole different species when it comes to chilling out. Even playing computer games or watching TV seems to involve an element of pent up nervous energy finding its way out. I must admit, I have been known to resort to headphones to get some peace. I use a Youtube audio cast featuring hairdryer noise and it's brilliant for clearing your mind. I know it sounds mad, but it really works.

It all started when I was lying on my bed and my daughter came in to borrow my hairdryer. I realised the noise was really relaxing, so I Googled and, sure enough, I'm not the only one, it's actually a fairly common technique for getting babies to sleep! It doesn't matter how you relax. As a parent, the important thing is that you try to. As the saying goes; you can't pour from an empty cup, so recharging your own batteries is so important to help you cope with all the demands that being a mum or dad brings. Whatever helps you take time out, even if it's just for a few minutes is really worthwhile. So, you've heard all about my strange relaxation technique, now Rattan Direct want to hear about yours. They've put together a very quick survey (I completed it in less than five minutes), which sets out to find out the relaxation habits of the nation's parents. They would love it if you filled it in and be sure to check back in a few weeks, when I will be sharing the results! The link to the survey is below, thanks for your help. 

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  1. seemed more to do with brexit than relaxing!!

    1. I thought that too, not sure it's had much effect on my relaxation!


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