Friday, 11 December 2015

The Book of Everyone: A Gift for Anyone!

You can't have it all
Everyone has that friend or relative who is impossible to buy for. Like the dads, grandads, brothers, etc, who have got to that age where they have enough money to buy all their own boys' toys and do. Or the mums, sisters and girlfriends whose hobbies don't seem to involve anything tangible, just chatting and possibly drinking tea. So inconsiderate, when they know you need to buy them a gift, there are only so many tea accompaniments you can buy! I have this problem every year, so I was thrilled to find the answer, in a personalised book idea, from The Book of Everyone.

The website aims to provide an easy to use, quick way of creating a personalised keepsake as a really unique gift. I had so much fun designing the book I wanted, it is a really interesting concept that I'd not seen before. Basically, you begin by putting in a few details about the individual whose gift it is; name, date of birth, gender, etc. The book generates a wealth of interesting facts based on these details, and it's written in a really humourous way, with details you would never even think of. It get better though, because you can tailor the facts and information to the person concerned as well. For example; did you know...?

But also... 


These are important distinctions when you are creating something personal. Everyone should know their potatoes from their plums! There are also options to upload photos, which is lovely, particularly if you are making it for an older relative and manage to get hold of some long-forgotten baby photos! Or just want to embarrass your children. 

Family Photo Collage
It's easy to add your own photos
 The part that appealed to me most, though, was the different types of books you could order. They range from a digital version, for just 7.50, to a super-deluxe boxed version for £49.50, and everything in between. The beauty of this, is that you can find one to suit any budget. Also, how brilliant would a digital version be, for a far away relative or cyber-friend? The book can be a general one, but also comes in other formats, specifically for birthdays or milestones. They are fun to make and could really save a headache for the awkward relative in your life! We received credit for our books in return for this review, but I never review anything that I don't genuinely think is awesome! 


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