Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Contribute to our Homeless for Christmas Fundraiser!

This post is for bloggers and companies who are interested in sponsoring our event, for details of how to join in and compete, please read Support CentrePoint with The Big Facebook Treasure Hunt

This Sunday we are hosting a charity event on Facebook to raise money for two homeless charities, who are working hard to provide comfort and support for street sleepers over the Christmas period. As you can imagine, this is an especially lonely, cold and depressing time for those without a permanent home and I wanted to do something to try to help.

How Does It Work? 

Entrants will be asked a series of questions about different websites and they will have to visit each webiste to find the answer. Each answer will give them an entry to win a prize for that round. There will be a higher value prize drawn from all the entries throughout the whole event.

How Can You Support The Event?

We need:

Prizes. Large or small, prizes help us get more entrants, which helps us raise more money.
Sponsors: If you would like some new visitors to your website, you can sponsor us for a small donation to our fundraiser.

Publicity: If you know anyone else who might like to get involved, or could share the event for us, we would be so grateful!

What Are The Benefits? 

As well as getting lots of new visitors to your site, you will also recieve a mention on my blog, with backlink, and a link on the event page, to your site or social media, as required.

Feel free to contact me here: lucy_dorrington@hotmail.co.uk

Please support us in any way you can. Thank you!


  1. Great idea Lucy. What would you need me to do? How do I pay?

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for getting in touch, I've sent you a PM on FB! :-D


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