Sunday, 6 December 2015

I'm Not Scared! With Zooropia at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Boy crossing a log bridge on the Zooropia rope course.
This is the story, in pictures, of L's recent visit to Zooropia, an arial assault course at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Especially designed for children aged 5 to 12, it's about 6 metres high, but surprisingly safe. L made short work of it, while I happily looked on from the safety of terra firma. not being a fan of heights! L really enjoyed it and is keen to go again. It's perfect for him, as it's a physical activity and he really enjoyed the fact he could do it on his own. This experience is brilliant for building confidence and self esteem and there were lots of adults taking part too! The descent is via a zip wire, which, apparently, is the best bit! 

Climbing Instructor checking equipment
The first rule of aerial travel, always check your equipment, preferably by dangling a small boy from it!

Arial Assault Course Instructor
Second rule of arial travel, always pay close attention to your instructor! 

Boy on High Rope Bridge
And off we go!

Boy on High Rope Bridge
Are you sure you're not scared, son? 

Boy on High Platform

Boy Walking on High Poles

Boy on High Bridge Above Building
Rather you than me! *shudder*

Arial Assault Course
Coming through! 

Boys on High Platform Looking Down
Waving at Scaredy-Mum! 

And the arial amble ends with an epic dismount. Putting many of the adults to shame! 

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  1. That does look fun! Glad you had a lovely day

  2. This looked so much fun when we visited but it was too busy

    Thank you for linking up

  3. My boys love things like this. Me? No way LOL

  4. looks like he had loads of fun.

  5. That is so brave! I don't think I'd even climb up, let alone make it across some of those bridges! #TriedTested

  6. I think one for me to watch! My daughter would it though but I think my son needs to be a little older yet.


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