Thursday, 3 July 2014

Juice Plus, A Sceptic's Perspective

Juice Plus ProductsRecently, a few of my friends have been extolling the virtues of Juice Plus, so I thought I'd try some, to see what all the fuss was about. I will admit, I decided to try it before I'd really investigated the process properly, but once I'd committed, I just had to see it through! Read on, to find out how I got on and what I learned about myself. 

What I had heard was that it was so packed with nutrients, that it was a really healthy product to drink, which I thought, from a weight loss perspective, was a really good place to start. However, I will admit, when I received the additional 'lifestyle'  info, I was pretty horrified at everything I was expected to give up! The list was fairly comprehensive and contained all the obvious culprits responsible for weight gain, plus a few surprise offenders! I was most concerned about cutting out caffeine and sugar, as that's pretty much what I was living on! I envisaged massive withdrawal, caffeine hangovers, cravings, the lot. Let's face it, sugar and caffeine were a significant part of my day. I was drinking up to four cans of cola, along with a couple of cups of tea, each day. I was subconsciously picking at biscuits and chocolate quite a lot too. Even when I was being 'good' I would still have something sweet after meals. I had never successfully managed to quit my sweet tooth completely. Even if I gave up chocolate for Lent, I would just replace it with something else, so I still got the sugar fix. I have to say though, I was really surprised at how easy I found this plan. Once I started having two shakes a day, I didn't crave anything. The children were still eating chocolate, making cakes, etc, but I found it really easy to say no. Revelation, I thought!

Juice Plus Infographic

In the first month, I lost 10lbs. Some people lose a lot more, but my ability to exercise is very limited, which makes it harder to lose weight. A steady 2.5lbs a week was more than enough for me though, and that wasn't the best bit. Additionally, I felt really well. I was tired for the first few days, but once that passed, I had more energy than I'd had in ages. I also felt really positive about myself, as I was no longer a slave to unhealthy food, that, deep down, I probably didn't even really want. After just a few weeks, I saw an improvement in some of my health problems, such as IBS and heartburn, which meant I could significantly reduce the amount of medication I was taking. I realise that the change in diet would play a big part in this, but Juice Plus gave me the tools to permanently change my diet, so it has been well worth doing. I really can't get over how easy it's been to stick to the healthy eating plan. I don't want to sound like an advert, I am always honest in my reviews, and this is honestly what I think. I have tried so many diets and plans over the years, emphasising avoiding different types of food usually, but I have always felt that it was a short term fix, and not a permanent change. The advantage with Juice Plus, is that you get all the support you need from your distributor, who is really clued up on what to eat and what to avoid and has the patience of a saint, as I'm sure they must get asked the same questions over and over again!

Things I learned along the way...

  •  Artificial sweeteners are not the heroes I thought they were! It turns out that anything artificial is much harder for the liver to process, and so hinders effective weight loss.

  • It is possible, and immensely beneficial, to live without unnecessary sugar. As a bonus, you can feel really, really smug about it, which definitely helps!

  • I still do not like rice cakes. They taste as polystyrene as they look.

  • Water may be boring, but it is very, very effective!

The shakes cost £32.50 a month, which sounds a lot, but I worked out I could use the money I was saving on fizzy drinks and snacks to pay for it.  I don't review often, and that's because I only endorse things I genuinely believe in. As much as not all products work for everyone, I am totally converted by this one. I have found the process easier than any of the others I have tried and am really pleased with the results.

For more information, you can get in touch with Lucie Aiston on Facebook, or via email at She will answer all your questions, even the silly ones, the sceptical ones and the ones she's probably heard before and will still be really pleased to see you!



  1. Keep hearing about juice plus. Found this really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My other half thinks artificial sweeteners are great, So glad to see someone else agrees that they are not what people think! Great post. Going to look into these :) xx

  3. This has given me something to think about, I'm struggling with weight loss at the moment but be honest I'm not sure if I could give up my coffee! I guess it's not that much to say how much you'll save on other food!

    Corinne x

  4. interesting review I have seen this juice plus around. I have heard such bad things about artificial sweeteners but I use them in my hot drinks all the time x

  5. I never really knew about all the nasty chemicals etc..... that was in food until i started juice plus and now everything i cook is from scratch no sauces no ready meals etc...... I have now discovered food i never thought i would eat. I love juice plus :-)

  6. Very true! Congratulations on your weight loss! Juice Plus has changed my whole families lives and recommend anyone to do it as there is not one person on this planet that couldn't benefit from 26 f&v a day! Bridging the gap for all generations!xx


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