Sunday, 29 June 2014

Unconditional Love

Little Girl Skipping through a forest

I like it when you cuddle me and when you hold my hand, 

I don’t like it when you’re cross with me, cos I don’t understand.

I try to listen carefully to everything you say,

But sometimes there are lots of words and I start to lose my way!

Lots of things are new to me and I’m learning all the time,

Like why my brand new trousers are already caked in grime,

I know it makes you crazy, when we keep having to stop,

Because my constant need to wee interrupts our girly shop!

You put me on the naughty step, I don’t know what I’ve done,

And try to make me go to bed, before the setting sun.

Sometimes you get shouty, if I don’t do what you say,

But I’m always pleased to see you, each and every day!

So please try to understand, as I take in all that’s new,

And remember that I try my best, it’s all that I can do!

With your patience and support, we can discover life together,

Because I am so proud to be your mum, always and forever!



  1. Beautiful! You are so clever xxx

  2. Oh I just adore this. Funny and beautiful. What a wonderful, wonderful poem. #prose4t

  3. Cracking twist; great writing! :) #prose4t

  4. This is beautiful - I love how it turns round at the end. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x


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