Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Holiday Memory (sort of!)

Nothing's ever straight forward with me, is it? I can't just write a holiday memory, I just have to make it complicated! It's basically because we haven't had a holiday since 2010, and that was with my Dad. We haven't been on holiday where it's been just us, as a family, for eight or nine years, I can't quite remember. It's mainly a financial issue, along with my husband's tricky working hours. As much as I feel horribly guilty about that, it's not all bad news. My chidren have an advantage that a lot of others don't have. We live in some of the best countryside the UK has to offer.
I may have mentioned this before (it's something I get quite excited about!) but we also have a fairly unique advantage of also having very easy access to two major motorways. Wales, the Cotswolds, the South West coast, the Forest of Dean and the historic cities of Bristol and Gloucester are all under an hour a way, which makes for some pretty awesome days out. My children have grown up with the view that life is what you make it and memories are about good times and family, not necessarily where you are. Which I think is a pretty good attitude to have. So, this photo represents family and fun, where ever you end up!


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  1. As you say life is about good times and families but it would be nice if you get the chance t o go on a holiday abroad in the future,


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