Sunday, 13 July 2014

Julie is Raising Money for Matilda Mae!

I have a good friend, named Julie Roo
She's jumping out of a plane, what a fun thing to do!
But it's not just for fun, it's an important day,
Because she's raising money for Matilda Mae.

Matilda, an angel, taken far too soon,
Touched so many hearts, from here to the moon.
So many tears from so many places,
New friends and old, familiar faces.

Julie wanted to help, or at least to try,
So she decided to jump right into the sky!
A brave thing to do, I'm sure you'll agree,
And I have to say, rather her than me!

She's raising money, to help grieving Mothers
Fathers, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers,
Because when a child is taken, so many hearts break,
Please donate here, for Matilda Mae's sake.


And she's doing it again??!! 



JO BRYAN said...

Your a sweetie I love you!
To rhyme for the diving Julie Roo.
Hope this poem helps a lot.
I've just added to the pot

loulabeth ♡ said...

I remember reading about Matilda Mae a while ago & feeling so upset by the story, it's amazing people like you are trying to help! :)

L x // bloglovin'

Lilla Goatcher said...

Oh this is lovely, I have bookmarked this page so I can come back and donate at when i get paid. In the last 2 years my family have lost 2 young babies and it really is such a heart breaking thing to go through. x

Julie Roo said...

I love this post Lucy. But you knew that already. X

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