Thursday, 28 September 2017

This Tear, Here; A Poem for Lynn on World Poetry Day

A sun flare and bubbles in a bright blue skyAccording to Twitter, it's World Poetry Day today. I thought that was in March, so it might be National Poetry Day, but nothing like a bad cold to make you forget what day it is, never mind anything else! Anyway, I really thought I would have to skip it this year, but, if I'm quick, I can still just about make it. I had absolutely nothing planned, and I wasn't sure I had any ideas at all, so I just sat down and wrote. Something appeared, but I warn you, this is not my usual tidy rows of rhyming couplets, it's more, what is affectionately known as, a 'mind dump'. It's still a style, though, of sorts, and it was important to me that it was raw and largely unedited, so I hope that's ok. 

This tear, it's here
Because of you
It's clear, this tear,
Becomes you.

This tear surrounds you,
This tear encompasses you,
This tear is everything I feel,
And everything I can't tell you.

Just a droplet of dew,
But it's all about you.
This tear, I fear,
Is all I have of you.

So much power in one little drop,
One of a thousand I thought wouldn't stop.
Locked inside, your face, your smile,
Stopping to comfort me a while.

This tear isn't sad,
It reminds of you,
I might look sad, But,
I'm just remembering you.

I cry when I think of you,
True. But there's love too,
And joy that I knew you,
All wrapped in this tear, here.

These are all the reasons why,
 If you see me cry, don't try
To understand, just let me be,
It's our time together, Lynn and me.

A cloud forming the shape of a heart in a blue sky.



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