Thursday, 7 September 2017

Free Printable Student Recipes: Easy Corned Beef Hash

A cooked Corned Beef Hash dish, straight out of the oven. Day three of our student recipes and this is one of the first recipes I learned to cook. It's a real comfort food favourite and there are variations of it around the country, including this Panakalty recipe from Sunderland. Corned beef isn't nearly as cheap as it used to be, but is a handy tin to have in the cupboard, in case you can't get to the shops and is often on offer in some of the budget shops that are all over our high streets these days. This recipe shows how to transform a simple tinned meat into a delicious, home cooked dish, using just four additional ingredients. The uncooked mixture can also be folded in pastry to make the most delicious Corned Beef Pasty too, if there's any left over. Recipe 2 is here.

Easy, cheap Corned Beef Hash recipe card, perfect for students!

Download the Recipe Card Here


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  1. I loooovvvee corned beef hash. My mum used to make it when I was a child and I haven't had it in ages. Full of iron too, so a great student recipe.


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