Thursday, 5 October 2017

Making the Most of Your Garden in Autumn

We've had one of our better summers in the UK this year, well, certainly here in Bristol, anyway. There have been many hot, sunny days to enjoy the garden and I think we've all got a bit too used to it. It's sunny today, actually, but the air is already noticeably cooler as Autumn takes hold, and it's easy to forget that soon it will be dark earlier and the weather will become even more unpredictable, by adding wind and rain into the mix. I don't want to let go of my garden just yet, though, so I've been looking at ideas for getting the most from the garden as the evenings draw in and the temperatures change.

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Keeping the garden appealing to spend time in, when everything just seems to want to die can seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. There are actually a surprising array of plants that either continue to flower through the autumn months, or provide interesting foliage with different coloured leaves and stems. These low cost bedding plants (l-r) Primroses, Cyclamen and Pansies will all keep on flowering until the frosts arrive, particularly if you remember to deadhead them. Asters and autumn crocuses also do well and, for a splash of low maintenance colour, Acers and Crab Apples are great, if you have room.

Thanks to modern trends, it's easier than ever to keep warm when the temperature starts to drop. There are a wealth of different styles of patio heater to choose from, for the colder evenings, or you could go for the more natural option, with a fire pit or chiminea. They bring warmth and style to the garden and are also really cosy and fun, like camping. There's really nothing like huddling around a fire pit or chiminea with a hot chocolate, watching the stars come out. You can even cook baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil, or toast marshmallows on sticks. 

Rain can be the biggest issue when it comes to sitting out in the garden in the Autumn. Often, the sun will randomly come out for a short time and, especially if you have quite a sheltered garden, it's lovely to sit out for a little while and pretend it's still summer. You really need permanent garden furniture for this purpose though, as it probably isn't worth rummaging in the shed, just so you can sit out for however long it takes for the sun to disappear behind a cloud. Synthetic Rattan furniture, such as this sofa set from Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture, is a good option for weather durability, as well as comfort and appeal. Rattan furniture is popular in conservatories, but doesn't have a great reputation for surviving the great outdoors. Synthetic rattan, however, has all the qualities to withstand the British weather, it's stronger and lighter than natural rattan and is built to withstand rain for years. It's also cheaper and eco-friendly as it's not made from rare Asian palms. 

This last idea is mainly because it's something I've always wanted, but I think the Autumn winds are really great excuse to invest in one of these, if you have the space. I think it's the ultimate in luxury and would tempt anyone into the outside, even if it is a little breezy! You can add blankets and cushions in your own style, to add warmth and really make it your own little haven from the elements. 

I'm hoping that the lovely weather continues for a while yet, but, if it doesn't, hopefully these ideas will help to make the garden appealing, even when we finally have to accept it isn't summer anymore! 



  1. I thought the south west was supposed to be wetter than the south east? We had a really wet summer so I think their rattan furniture might be ideal for me! Plus I'm quite lazy so it takes a while for me to get my garden furniture sorted for winter. After visiting my in-laws this spring with their newly landscaped garden, it has inspired me to sort my own garden out and to make it more 'grown-up' so that's my plan for next year and I have spotted some items I'd really like on their website, the day bed for one, then my dogs can still sit in their favourite position - next to me!

  2. I'm not green fingered at all so we use our garden more for the hard landscaping (things like the day bed you have pictured!) and a fire pit where we toast marshmallows. Some great ideas here and it's nice to be out in the garden year round - I love it in autumn.

  3. It was a good start to the summer, but it got worse after the kids broke up for us, but I think rattan furniture might be what I need. I am looking to replace ours.

  4. I'm quite enjoying my garden at the moment although I definitely need some new garden furniture x

  5. Oh I hadn't thought about synthetic rattan furniture - that's a good idea for outside as it does rain a lot! The pod thing looks amazing too.


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