Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Celebrating World Poetry Day with Viking

The lovely people at Viking asked some bloggers if they would like to have a crack at writing something for World Poetry Day. I love an excuse to write and this was no exception, so I hastily agreed. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write until Viking kindly sent us some lovely gifts, to inspire us. The box included a beautiful quill pen, some writing paper and little canvas on an easel. The canvas was so cute and it gave me an idea, which inspired me to write the following. I hope you like it and a big thank you to Viking for the inspiration. 

The Importance of Memories

There's an old handprint still left on the wall,
From a time when I was really small,
At the time you weren't pleased with me,
As I splatted my chocolate gleefully.

You wiped it, scrubbed it, but the outline stayed,
A permanent homage to my messy ways.
You painted the walls a few years on,
But the handprint stain persisted on.

'It's the grease from the chocolate', I heard you say,
As you traced the outline of my hand one day.
That tiny hand seemed like a lifetime ago,
As you'd watch that same hand slowly grow.

That print had remained there, a stubborn stain,
Despite attempts to remove it again and again.
Yet, you suddenly saw it in a different way.
A hark back to a time of innocent play.

You realised that print, for all it's grime,
Reminded you of a wonderful time.
And suddenly that stain wasn't a dirty mark,
It was a very precious work of art!

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  1. You write brilliant poems Lucy as always and this one is so sweet.


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