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How to Make a Gift Box using Simple Origami

Completed paper gift box, with title text overlayed on top.
Sometimes, it's good to get creative with children, especially when it comes to gifts for friends or relatives. Creating a handmade gift is so much more personal than a shop-bought one and it's lots of fun to do, too. However, once you've created your masterpiece together, what do you put it in? You can buy a gift bag, but, to add a personal touch, it's not that difficult to make your own box. I have made a video tutorial to show you, but thought it would be good to have some photos and written instructions too. I've been making these for years, so I've found it quite tricky to translate it into a guide, but I hope it will all make sense. If you want to make a bigger gift box, use a bigger sheet of paper and to make a lid, you simply make another one, exactly the same. Happy folding!

Firstly, take a square sheet of paper and fold it in half diagonally, then unfold it, turn it and fold it the opposite way, so that you end up with two creases in a cross shape. This make relies a lot on the creases you make, so there will be a lot of folding, then unfolding!

Flatlay collage of the first three instructions to make a gift box.

Next fold each of the corners neatly into the centre. It's very important to keep your creases straight and sharp, so take your time.

Flatlay collage of the second three instructions to make a gift box.

Taking the folded square you've just made, make a straight fold from the top to the centre, then turn it around and do the same on the opposite side, so that it looks like this...

Flatlay collage of the third three instructions to make a gift box.

Then unfold it back to a square again! Now, unfold the top and bottom flaps, and fold the sides back into the centre, so that you have this shape... 

Flatlay collage of the fourth three instructions to make a gift box.

Turn the shape horizontally, then fold the ends down so that it makes a diagonal at either end. The two straight sides should meet, as I've tried to show in the picture! 
Flatlay collage of the fifth three instructions to make a gift box.
Unfold, then repeat the same folds, folding upwards this time, not down. 

Flatlay collage of the sixth three instructions to make a gift box.

I only had one hand, so this next bit was difficult to photograph. Firstly, you unfold the folds you just made, then open up the previous folds, to make two of  the sides. Next you have to pinch the sides in, as you fold the end over (it's easier if you have two hands!) to create one side... 

Flatlay collage of the seventh three instructions to make a gift box.

Then turn the box around and repeat for the other side!

Flatlay collage of the eighth three instructions to make a gift box.

Your eventual box should end up looking like this, but if it hasn't, don't despair, check out the video for a better demonstration of the fiddly bits! Honestly, once you get the hang of it, it's really easy! 

Three photos of a finished origami gift box.

A step by step guide to create your own gift box using simple Origami. Includes demonstation video.


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