Monday, 9 January 2017

Our Year in Pictures 2016

Boy sitting at an outside table, with cereal bowl, title text overlayed on top. I really have no idea where the year went, they seem to pass by quicker, the older I get! This year saw us finally take the plunge and do something we'd been threatening to do for years, go properly camping! I was very nervous about this, so in 2015 we had a 'practice' by going glamping on the Isle of Wight, and this was the next step. Just like the previous year, everybody loved it and it was just one of many highlights of another whirlwind year. Once again, thanks to all who support the blog by reading, sharing and commenting, it's really so much fun to be able to write and share our adventures, and we hope to have lots more fun posts for you in the coming year. 

January: SS Great Britain

Two photos featuring the SS Great Britain, and the staff dressed as authentic crew memebers

One of our favourite Bristol attractions, and perfect for the inclement weather, as a lot of it's indoors. I can't believe how much he's grown! 

February: Asda's Wonky Veg

A box of Asda's Wonky veg

February saw the arrival of the first ever Wonky Veg box from Asda and I challenged myself to see how many recipes I could make from it! 

March: Bristol's Hidden Architecture

Historic Tudor Building on Colston Street in Bristol, UK

Whilst waiting for L to finish rehearsals with his choir, we set out to find the beautiful buildings of Bristol and snapped some contrasting images of different styles of buildings in the city. 

April: Awesome Autism

Autism poster, featuring child's outstreched hand and rainbow colours.

This is probably my favourite post of the year. It was something I wanted to say for a very long time, but I couldn't quite find the words. It took an extrordinary individual, from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car project, to give me just the inspiration I needed. 

May: Travelodge Review: Newhall, Birmingham

Empty Travelodge restaurant in Birmingham hotel

We really enjoyed reviewing the Travelodge in Birmingham. I was pleased with how the photos turned out in this post, as it's always tricky taking photos of venues, especially hotel rooms! We are hoping to do lots more travel posts this year. 

Boy standing on large beach, holding spade.

The quality of this photo is pretty diabolical, but it served a very important purpose in highlighting the dangers of sinking mud on our coastline, after L got stuck and lost his favourite wellies! Thankfully, the appropriately named Bogs Footwear were on hand to kindly send him a new pair to review a few months later!

July: Beautiful Birmingham

Gold Sculpture of Albert Einstein's head in Birmingham art gallery.

In July, I finally got around to writing a long-planned post about the beauty and culture of the city of Birmningham. Everytime I visit, I find something new that I love about the city and I felt it deserved its own post! Thanks to for the photograph. 

Boy sitting at camping table with hotdogs and ketchup.

Taking the plunge and going camping was a big thing for us, but something we are all really pleased we did. It was certainly an experience and I even wrote a Camping Poem about everything I missed! We had some, typically British, extreme weather conditions, but we learned a lot along the way and are keen to do it all again this year. 

Boy standing in front of The Matthew at Bristol Harbour

A school trip the previous term had left us really keen to spend some more time on The Matthew, an exact replica of a tiny sailing ship from the 1400's. The weather had been bad on the day of the school trip and we had only sailed for a short while, so we were really pleased to be invited to review a harbour cruise. 

October: The DanTDM Live Tour

DanTDM meeting a fan, during his live show in Cardiff.

This month saw the culmination of much excitement for L, who was thrilled to meet his idol. DanTDM, who is a Minecraft Youtuber, is someone who has inspired L to take part in videos for our own Youtube channel. We had a lot of fun travelling to Cardiff for the event and L had the time of his life meeting Dan, who could not have been lovelier. 

November: The Magic of Bath Christmas Market

Bath Christmas Market, with fake snow effect.

Ok, it didn't actually snow, I added that effect, just for artistic embellishment! Bath Christmas Market was a fantastic place to visit though, with an incredible atmosphere and lots of quirky, unusual gift ideas to discover. 

December: Beautifully Simple Gifts to Make with Children

Instructions to make a set of trinket drawers out of match boxes.

November and December were crazy busy and I was disappointed not to have more time to write more random posts, but we had a lot of fun writing about our favourite products, both our own and some we were sent to review. I did manage to squeeze in this craft post, which I was quite chuffed with. It included some easy-to-make gifts, including this trinket box.

Happy New Year graphic, featuring fox and flowers.


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  1. Happy New Year! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog as usual! My favorite posts being your Wonky Veg, Dan and your camping (just from this list!) Great photos too and they just get better & better! Here is to another great blogging year!


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