Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Our Weekend Wanderings, Week Three and Four!

Sunset through bracken, with title text overlayed I decided at the start of the year, that I would like to write this weekly segment as a way to remember things we get up to, to combat my memory issues, and as a way to write something fun, just for me. However, it's January, so we are not doing a lot, apart from being battered by various colds and viruses, so this is week three and four, as I didn't get a chance to write one last week, and this week we have mostly stayed in and moaned about the weather! I've made it sound really boring now, so if you are still with me, I hope I've managed to liven it up, with tales of epic bargains and a 10 metre rope light! Also this week, the first foray with my new camera and decluttering my nemesis!

Last weekend began a bit early, because I can't let one of my favourite post-Christmas pick-me-ups pass by without a mention. Boots finally had their 70% off sale, which was much later than planned and hotly anticipated by many, according to all the bargain-hunting websites and forums, such as Mum's Savvy Savings. I had pretty much given up on it, and only discovered it had started by accident, when we popped to the shops after the school run. Our local Boots had signs up, but hardly any stock instore. However, I overheard the manager say that most of the stock had gone to the bigger store a few miles down the road. So we headed over there, and it was crazy! There was so much to choose from. It was really busy, but there was lots of everything, so it didn't really matter. A few people pushing and shoving, but generally, the atmosphere was pretty laid back. I was not going to fight anyone for a few smellies, but some people can get pretty intense about any big sale! I made a beeline for the item I had been coveting since Christmas, a lovely Ted Baker set, in a pink treasure chest box. I do love a good box  and I was so chuffed it was still there! I did hit a slight snag, though. It was so heavy!

I really wanted to get a few cheaper sets, too, as an investment for the next few months, but it was going to be a struggle to carry them. So here's the sweet bit; my husband fresh off his night shift, cheerfully drove the extra miles without complaint, where I assumed he would doze in the car, but, nope, realising I would struggle to carry much, he dropped me off, then parked the car and came to find me. I turned around to see him standing there, like a slightly (very) dishevelled knight in shining armour! I'd only been thinking a few minutes before that it would have been helpful if he could have come in and helped. I think it's really cool that even after 12 years together, I can still summon him with just an idle thought and he is still happy to humour me, when he would rather be asleep or watching last night's Midsomer Murders! He was so helpful, carrying everything and helping me find what I wanted that the lady behind me in the queue commented that she would quite like one like him too! So, extra husband points for him this week. I did buy him a huge steak, which went down much better than any amount of smellies would!

A selection of gift sets from Boots Stores Christmas range

Also last weekend, we came up with a great idea to sort out L's new-found concerns about his room, where he has been feeling decidedly unsettled for a while. His room is very small, and can feel quite claustrophobic, even to a grown up. It was time for a huge clear out, and decluttering made the room feel a lot more spacious and welcoming. It's amazing what a bedroom spruce up can achieve, with a pile of bin bags and a lot of grim determination, and our local charity shop were pleased to see us too! The icing on the cake though, was this 10 metre rope light, which reached almost all the way around the ceiling and looks brilliant. It really brightens the room up, and makes it look a lot more fun too. I thought they would also be great if you had a child who had got a bit too old for a nightlight, but still needed a bit of reassurance.

LED rope light around part of a ceiling

So that was last weekend. This weekend was pretty uneventful, as L was ill with the standard winter lurgy. It's that one with the endless cough. If you've managed to avoid it so far, run fast from anyone who starts coughing near you! I spent a lot of the weekend clearing the clutter from my room and I have to say, it is very therapeutic! I don't do this often enough and it took ages, but I actually enjoyed doing it. A few years ago, I used to sell Avon, which I loved, not least because of all the really cheap products I used to get. That, coupled with all the samples I get sent through the blog, meant I had a ton of skincare and haircare products and, now that I've thinned out the really out of date ones, and charity shopped the new ones that aren't really for me, I have actually started finding I have time to have a proper skincare routine each day, instead of the usual 'cleansing wipe and leg it' that I'd become accustomed to. Who knows, at this rate, I may actually start regularly wearing make up before I'm forty! I also got sent a camera by a lovely friend who didn't need it anymore, so I managed to find a sunset to get some pictures of, to try it out. I was a little late, so the sunset was a bit limp, but I think they turned out ok. I will keep practising, I love taking photos of the sun, it's my favourite non-family subject!

Four photos featuring different sunsets

Those were our weekends, hope yours were great too. This week I've been listening to The Light, by Disturbed. Not my usual kind of music, but I find the lyrics really inspiring and it's my go-to tune when I need a little lift! See you in a week or two!


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