Monday, 16 January 2017

Our Weekend Wanderings, Week Two!

Female wearing hair in side bunch and glasses, featuring title text. This weekend was considerably quieter than the last one, mainly because the car is still sulking and flashing various warning lights at us every time we start the engine. It's running like a dream though, stupid car. The weather has been disappointingly dull and L was furious that we weren't even slightly snowed in! The Bristol sky offered us about half a centimetre, for a couple of hours in the morning and that was it! Despite the grumpy car, we did manage a few short trips out and this is a round up of everything we got up to. It's entirely unsponsored, but does mention some really lovely places we went to in our region... 

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the little pic of me accompanying the first paragraph. I'm not normally someone who even takes selfies, never mind publishes them, but I completely forgot to take any photos for this round up and this is the only one I've got from our trip to the Beefeater at Emerson's Green, because I was showing someone my hair online, as you do. But more about the Beefeater later. Before that, we went swimming. We used to go every weekend to the local pool but the end of last year got so busy, we hadn't been for ages and it was great to get back in the water. Our local pool is great, with a plethora of noodles and floats that they don't seem to mind the adults playing with (ahem) and, if you pick the right time to go, it's not too busy. We find that lunchtimes are always quiet. L has had more swimming lessons since then and is doing really well and I find the water really therapeutic for my back, even if I do get some funny looks for just floating there for ages and ages! Even better than the pool, though, they've finally replaced the diabolical cafe they used to have with a Soho Coffee place! I've never been to Soho Coffee before and it's totally different to Costa. I love Costa, I really do, but why does it have to be soooo hot?! This place was a revelation, I ordered hot chocolates and, low and behold, we could actually drink them and they were delicious! You know you're a blogger when you fail to take any really good people pics over the weekend, but just happen to have taken a stylised one of  hot chocolates and cake! 

two Soho Coffee hot chocolates and cakes on a tray.

That evening we went to The Beefeater for a meal with some friends from Phil's work. The food was amazing and the service exceptional, it was a very enjoyable night. The waitress could not have been friendlier or more helpful. The food is a little pricier than some family restaurants, but I felt it was much tastier and more interesting. I always try to pick something I wouldn't have at home when we go out and the three peppercorn sauce was particularly delicous! L came along too and his behaviour was astounding, even though it was quite late. I was glad I gave him some of Jade's curry before we went, as he was too tired to eat a lot, but he was happy to sit there, flicking through Pokemon cards that someone had brought along to show him. I've never known him so quiet and when I got home, I discovered why... 

Three photos of original Pokemon cards in protective plastic.

Yup, my phone was full of photos of various Pokemon creatures. Research, apparently. Pokemon cards are a big thing in our house at the moment. It's lovely that he has an interest that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and involves playing actual games, rather than the computer version, but they are proving to be elusive little beasts. They are so vulnerable and he likes to take them to school to play with, with his friends, which I can understand. He has left one or two at friend's houses, but always got them back, but we've had one go missing at school and that is really annoying, because I can hardly write his name on them, that would be totally uncool. It's not good for anyone, parents or children, when temptation is put in the way of other children and it gets REALLY awkward when you are pretty confident who took it, but can't say anything, because there's always a 0.1% chance that he bought the same one! Ideally, I would continue to support the school's 'no precious things in school' policy, as I always have, but I can see why he wants an opportunity to play with his friends and it's such a sociable game. I fear they may get banned soon, because I can imagine the staff are getting fed up with hearing about the bloomin things, which will take the decision out of my hands at least. 

So that was Saturday. On Sunday, I did some boring blog stuff, including taking many photos of well-lit inanimate objects and posting My Sunday Photo, which has received 85 likes so far on Instagram. I think this might be a record for me! I also managed to squeeze in The Empire Strikes Back, as I have made it my mission to stay awake through all the Star Wars films this year... and I made it! After falling asleep twice during  A New Hope last week, I am amazed I actually got to the end, without drifting off at some stage into Chewbacca-based dreams. I am intending to watch the 'lesser' films at some point, those hideous prequels that everyone moans about. I think that will be a real challenge. Which reminds me, I feel this video I found on Youtube, by TeddieFilms, sums up a lot of people's thoughts on the prequel Star Wars films and it really made me laugh, so I might as well end with it. Hope you had a great weekend too! 


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