Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Guest Post on Tantrums, by Tracey from One Frazzled Mum

When your children get older, like mine have, it's easy to get wrapped up in the new challenges life brings and forget how tricky things could be when little ones roamed the household. Sometimes I think we need a little reminder that the grass isn't always greener and, ok, toddlers don't answer back, or hog the remote, or argue with you about the benefits of having their own Youtube channel, but not being able to formulate an argument brings its own problems. As documented by Tracey, who is guest posting today, from One Frazzled Mum. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Recently I had my niece for the afternoon. A gorgeous ball of energy, the 3 year old is essentially Olivia in a smaller package. For a while it was great, fun, laughter and giggles could be heard around the house. Claims of having the best afternoon ever was music to my ears. I even managed to clean up a little! Then they both got tired. Olivia not used to sharing her space, toys, mum became stressed and wanted her own quiet sanctuary back. However her sanctuary had been invaded by this mini person who, too, had just gotten tired from a 6am wake up call that morning. Tempers got fraught, I hid out in the kitchen and eventually Olivia declared enough and skulked off to the living room with a quilt, while I tried to placate an over tired threenager by letting her colour in, using Olivia's' new Smiggle stationery. Eventually reinforcements were called and my niece asked to go and see nanny, much to Olivia's relief. It seems I had forgotten how much energy a toddler takes up and whilst waiting for nanny to come and save us I wrote this piece about how our usual quiet was disturbed my little Miss A. This is my account of the drama that followed:

Weather Warning: The Hurricane V The Storm

At 9.45am a weather warning for Hurricane A was broadcast. A shock and sudden change in the forecast from calm, yet chilly and breezy, to a sudden burst of intense and inescapable uncertainty. A force so powerful that complete and utter destruction was guaranteed and expected to continue for anything from 4 to 7 hours. Brace yourself they said, this would get bumpy, with the possibility of harrowing in some parts too.

The dreaded hour arrived and I wasn't yet prepared at all. There were so many more things I needed to do, to change and fix. All plans for the day now in limbo and chances of being actioned were slimmer than usual. So with a deep breath I welcomed the the change in weather and crossed my fingers that the storm would be kinder than it was before.

At first, it was. An increase in temperatures and activity brought back memories of so long ago. A time relinquished to the deepest part of my memory and now viewed with only a half smile and slight grimace. Time slowly breaking down the horrors of the past. It was going to be ok. I could do this. I even dared to smile. To embrace and enjoy the change in routine. This could be good for us, it really could.

It stayed this way for a good few hours and I let out a sigh of relief. Plans were being carried out, I was winning, fighting the storm and, aside from a slight burst of turbulence, all was good. We recovered quickly and carried on about our day. I allowed myself to smile and enjoy it all, things were definitely good.

But then the warm air of Hurricane A collided with the cool air of approaching Storm O, which up until now had been simmering away in the background. Sure, it had threatened a downpour but it had held out and looked to be passing over nicely. But now it had stopped. The opposing currents clashed with such force everything in their way was caught up in the struggle. With no way to escape, my previous mistake of being completely unprepared was now glaring obvious. It would also be my downfall.

I was caught up in the fight, battling with, and for, each side whilst trying to minimise the damage. But the force was such that it was like scooping water out of a sinking boat. Like that boat, too soon I would sink. I would be lost in the battle and swallowed completely by the storm. All I could was sit and wait. Wait for it to stop, to be over. All plans now abandoned for good until the storm had passed.
It was the silence that I noticed first. So much had I been concentrating on blocking out the noise I hadn't noticed it had stopped. I came out from my safe place and surveyed the damage. Although not as severe as first imagined, there were tell-tale signs of where the struggle had taken place and its wreckage left for all to see. But hurricane A had passed and storm O was calm now, almost deflated in its efforts to control A and its fight for dominance. But it had claimed victory at last and now, too, the storm had passed and the promised calmness and blue skies started to shine through the clouds. Blowing away the hostility it had been witness to, mere moments before.

Surveying the remains I stopped to take it all in. Until next time................

A rainbow over a rooftop


  1. i think the kids get worse as they get older, my 22 and 23 year olds are a right nightmare at times

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this for me it looks great xx


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