Monday, 7 November 2016

Boohookids: Review of the New Range

Boohoo has been a familiar name in online fashion for many years. Originally launched in 2006, the website had a relaunch in 2010. Since then, popularity has continued to grow, leading to the introduction of boohooMan in 2013. In October this year, though, boohoo decided to bring fashion to a younger audience and produced a range of children's clothes, with everything you could require to dress your youngsters from onesies to winter coats and everything inbetween. As an online seller, how easy is it to choose clothes, compared to high street stores and how do they compare? We were given a voucher free, so that we could let you know how we got on. This is our review of the Boohoo Kids range.

The range at the moment isn't huge. I put this down to the fact that the kids section is still very new, only launching in October. However,  L found a few items he was really keen on and settled on a bomber jacket, matching smart joggers and a striped polo shirt. The whole outfit cost £30, which I thought was fair. It's not the cheapest, but it's certainly not the most expensive by a long way. It compares well to the more upmarket high street shops, and it's not far off some of the supermarket prices for children's clothes, which I consider to be the cheaper end of the shopping spectrum. The items arrived well packaged and the quality of the fabric and hems was good. These are something I always look for in clothes, particularly for boys. They need to be able to stand up to a fair amount of abuse and be able to wash well. 

We went outside on what turned out to be the greyest day we've probably had so far this year, so I'm afraid the photos aren't all I had hoped they would be. L is quite particular about fabrics and textures and doesn't like anything that is scratchy or uncomfortable. You can see that he is very at home in this outfit, though, and is clearly very happy with it. We had a bit of a struggle with the sizing. L is ten and a half, so I have to buy 11-12, as opposed to 9-10, so sometimes items can be a little big. I don't think the length of the arms and legs were too long, though. There's growing room, but they don't drown him. I was pleased with the fit, overall, except for the waistband of the trousers, which was so large he was having a bit of trouble keeping them up for the photos. They will be easy enough to take in at the waist, or perhaps invest in a trendy pair of braces. I assume if I get a smaller size, I will get a shorter leg length, which wouldn't be right either.

I noticed on the website that there was a much wider seletion for girls than boys and I really hope this balance evens out eventually. The choices they have for boys are fun and imaginative and would appeal to a wide age range of children, but I would like to see more options. L was really pleased with his choices and I think he would be very happy to shop there again. 

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