Thursday, 10 November 2016

FInding a Photographer in Bristol with Bidvine

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It's been bothering me for a little while that I do not have a really good profile picture. This might not sound like a big deal, but, being a blogger, I use social media A LOT, and get just a tiny bit jealous of some of the more professional profile pictures I see. Where the lighting is flattering and they are taken from a better angle by someone who has a clue what they are doing. It might sound a bit vain, but when you see your face all the time, as part of your day, you want it to be a good one! So, I've often wondered what it would cost to get a few professional shots done. So, when Bidvine asked me to try out their service, which puts consumers in touch with professionals, it was a great time to test it out!

I have heard of Bidvine before, but they've only just started expanding and are now offering their services nationwide, so finding a photographer in Bristol just got a whole lot easier! I find the worst part about looking for a service, whether it's photography, plumbing, gardening, whatever, is getting quotes. Often, if it's a service I've never needed before, I have no idea how much is a good price. Of course, when you phone someone to ask for a price, it's really hard to know whether the price is fair, and it's not always easy to ask all the right questions, when you are on the spot. So, when it comes to checking prices and really comparing what you get for your money, it makes a world of difference if you can go over the quotes in your own time. With Bidvine, all you do is register on their site, fill in a few details, and they will source the right experts for you. You will then receive emails from professionals in your chosen field with quotes based on the requirements you set. 

Screenshot of the Bidvine search process

These were the answers I put in and within an hour I had three quotes via email, ranging from £35 to £100. All offering a slightly different service. It's going to be really easy to sit down now and have a think about what I actually want and how much I am prepared to pay. You can request services for pretty much anything you can think of, and the prices will arrive in your inbox, with absolutely no obligation. Once you have received your quotes, you can hop over to the website and find details in the 'My Requests' section of your account. Here you will find more information about the professionals themselves, including their profile and, where possible, examples of their work. It's a really great way to find the right deal for you, without any effort shopping around, or having to negotiate with lots of different people. In my opinion this is definitely the future for hiring trades and professionals!

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