Thursday, 11 August 2016

Things I Missed on Holiday; A Camp Fire Song

Cmp Washing Up Drying in the Sun We had a lovely time camping, but I did miss one or two little luxuries. You know, like running water that didn't taste of hosepipe and cold drinks on demand. The only thing cold was my feet at night! For #Prose4Thought this week, I've written a camping-inspired poem and tried to include all the things I thought abut while I was away. To get the full effect, you have to read it to the tune of 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music. Extra points for singing out loud. 

Raindrops on windows instead of on faces
Breezes kept out of your intimate places
Gadgets that micro or cook perfect toast,
These are the small things that I've missed the most.

Drinks that are ice cold when the weather demands it,
A machine that cleans clothes when a button commands it,
A toilet you can visit without going out,
These are the things that I've struggled without.

Water that runs at the temp you desire,
A nice cup of tea without need of a fire,
A shower with power for as long as I might,
These are the things that I dream of at night.

When the bug bites, when the flies buzz,
When I'm feeling cold,
I simply remember home comforts I love,
Then I don't feel so old!

Stepping out of my bedroom and onto a dry place,
Clothes hung up neatly, not stuffed in a suitcase,
Carpets, so soft and not covered with dew,
These are the things that I'm coming home to.

Enough space to swing cats, if I happened to have one,
A freezer with ice creams where I can just grab one,
Windows that shut out the noise of the night,
These are the details that make things just right.

Room for my elbows when I'm eating my dinner,
Chairs that don't make me feel I ought to be thinner,
A front door that locks with a reassuring click,
These are the longings that really do stick.

When the walls bend, when the wind howls,
When the weather's bleak,
I simply remember what's waiting at home,
And then I can last all week!



  1. Camping does make you appreciate the simple things in life lol! Late night treks to the loo and having a cup of tea at a flick of a switch are too such things.

  2. After the past few days, I couldn't agree more.


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