Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Children's Quizzes as a Learning Tool

Boy in school holding visitors badgeEducation is my thing. I've been involved in it in some way all my adult life and I can't think of anything more important to a child for their future. With a good education, you give the tools to succeed. Maybe not on a traditional route, not everyone is cut out for university, but in work, and even life, it's easier if you know the answers. Budgeting for the weekly shop, applying for jobs, even blogging, are all examples of tasks that are considerably easier if you have a level of education. We all want the best for our children, but how can we support them on their learning journey? After a long day at school, learning is often the last thing on a child's mind, but a lot of parents want to get involved and be supportive. 

There are many ways in which you can support children, but they are often aimed at chidren who already have an interest in learning. Some, however, would rather jump into lava in Minecraft than sit at a table to go over what they learned at school that day. The key is to make it interesting and as little like work as possible. I've been trying to come up with novel ways to encourage my children to expand their learning at home for a long time. If it's possible to make learning a game, that can make it a lot more appealing. Tapping in to what they enjoy most is another good way to get children on board with learning. This is one of the aspects that appealed to me about Education Quizzes. It's an online quiz site that is special designed for children. The quizzes are written by teachers, and cover all aspects of the curriculum, but the fun part is the element of competitiveness, which L got really involved with. You can play against the computer, which is a really great way to keep a child's attention. I don't know what it is about computers, but they seem to captivate children so much, they will concentrate on tasks like never before! We also found that, if you take it in turns, you can also play against an opponent. We made it into part of our regular games night and it's surprising how difficult it is for the grown ups! The curriculum has changed a lot in recent years and the quizzes are a great way to keep your knowledge up to date, whilst helping your child to further theirs. It was great for L's confidence to see that we weren't finding it easy either and he was in with a good chance of beating us! 

There are plenty of quizzes to access on the website, from Key Stage 1, all the way to GCSE. Subscription is a monthly fee of £7.50 and provides unlimited access to any of the quizzes on the site. It's a great opportunity to keep up with your child's learning, especially since, in the last few years, the changes to the National Curriculum have made it even harder to support children at home. Some parents feel unsure these days about whether they are teaching the same methods as their child's school. Education Quizzes supports the National Curriculum and allows you and your child to spend as long as they need to on each subject without feeling rushed. It is a great resource for all the family, providing knowledge, reassurance and encouragement, everything a child needs to succeed. 

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