Monday, 22 August 2016

Win £50 Astonish Cleaning Bundle - Review and Giveaway

Man holding Dishmop Seductively, with Sparkly Background
The husband is fairly unique in that he does his fair share of the housework, without grumbling. Like a lot of men, he does like a pat on the head and a KFC now and again, but he is generally quite happy to pitch in. So, when I was asked to review a range of products from Astonish, who better to pose for the photographs! We were sent a number of products to review and are also pleased to announce that we have a Back to School Pack worth £50, containing a selection of essential laundry busters to make life as a parent just that little bit easier. The pack will ensure that your child is top of the class when it comes to looking smart. Just what every parent needs after Day 1 of the new term! Read on to find out if our kitchen really did sparkle after trying out some of the products! 

Man with Feather Duster and Pink ApronFirst, we tried the Glass Cleaner. I will be totally honest here, I have a huge mirror in my lounge, which is completely neglected. A long time ago, I used to have a job that involved cleaning the mirrors in a dance studio. A whole wall of them, and it's put me off ever since! Now, I look at a mirror and see the word 'effort' scrawled in the dust. It does seem to collect dust, and a strange film that is difficult to shift. It may come from living near the motorway and having the back door open all the time. Anyway, I was not entirely confident Astonish Window and Glass Cleaner would be able to tackle it, I often have to attack it with the handheld steamer, but it actually did a pretty good job! I had to go over it twice, but I have to anyway because, to be fair, it needs cleaning a lot more often than I can be bothered with it, but they we go. A success, and considerably cheaper than my usual brand. It does clockfaces, too (but don't use a feather duster, that would be daft).

Man Cleaning Kitchen with Pink ApronNext, we tested the Antbacterial Cleanser. It cleaned really well, with no residue, and I couldn't distinguish it from our usual brand. The important bit, though, is that it kills 99.9% of common household germs, including; e.coli, listeria and salmonella and, again, at a fraction of the cost. I felt that a bottle would go quite a long way, as you don't seem to need very much for a good clean. Astonish products are also cruelty-free, which is a very important point, as a lot of people don't realise that animal testing isn't limited to cosmetics and toiletries. Laundry and household products are also affected and Astonish pride themselves on producing only products that are not tested on, or made from, animals, which also makes all their products vegan! Any product that is made by a company that goes out of its way to be kind to animals always seems to come at a premium, so it's refreshing to find one that sees cruelty-free as a standard and doesn't see any need to charge extra for the priviledge! 

Lastly, was the bathroom cleaner, which has been tested and approved for use on vitreous enamel surfaces. This is where a thin layer of glass is fused to a base metal, to create a shiny enamel surface. If you have a bath made of this stuff, you may have already learned that using the wrong product can lead to damage to the surface, making it slightly porous and, therefore, more difficult to clean. Dirt will cling to it like nobody's business and it will begin to feel grainy to the touch, says the voice of experience, oops! Astonish Bathroom Cleaner smells lovely and, if you spray some on to the tougher areas, such as around the taps, and leave it for a few minutes, the dirt will just lift away. If you would like to try some of the Astonish range for yourself, make sure you enter our competition below and you might just win a pack for yourself! Prize includes: Oxy Plus Stain Remover, Spray Starch, Stain Remover Target Spray, Fabric Refresher, Lavender & Ylang Ylang Non Bio Laundry Liquid, Clean and Protect hand wash, Antibacterial Spray, Window & Glass Cleaner, 4 in 1 Disinfectant Spray, Germ Clear Antibacterial Disinfectant, Bathroom Cleaner and Dustbuster. 

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  1. How much does your man charge? Is he available to come and clean my kitchen but naked with a pinnie?

  2. Great review...I love the photos. hahaha
    You can send your hubby to my house. He looks like he's great at cleaning :P x

  3. I love the photos - well done for having a man who does the cleaning! I really need this stuff so I'm having a go at your comp! #Triedtested

  4. I don't think I've heard of this brand beige but I'll definitely look out for it. Any chance your hubby could come do ours? ;) #triedtested

  5. I'll take my bow but my clothes off !!. If i did that Lucy would lose all of her followers !

  6. I've always used Astonish for cleaning the hob. Great brand.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  7. you definitely should consider hiring Phil out!
    I first came across Astonish in Savers - it was the carpet shampooing machine liquid and I thought I'd be 'astonished' if it worked, as it was only £1 - but it did! Since finding out they're cruelty free, I also use the hand soap, orange oil cleaner and disinfectant and I was astonished that they were also only £1, as like you say, cruelty free usually comes with a premium!

  8. Great giveaway! Thanks for running.


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