Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Review of Wallace Barbers, Thornbury

Outside facade of Wallace Barbers, ThornburyThe little market town of Thornbury is a quiet, unassuming place. Not somewhere you would necessarily associate with cutting edge (sorry about the pun!) barbering, but all that has changed, with the arrival of Wallace Barbers. A new, modern barbershop, offering quality styles at affordable prices. I took L and he loved it! It's perfectly suited to fidgety, bored children, with drinks available, a Playstation 4 and even a Gameboy color! He also left with an actual style and they weren't fazed by his persistent floppy fringe, or the perpetual tuft that makes a break for freedom at every opportunity. At the ripe old age of ten, he finally has a 'proper' style, and they were more than happy to give me advice on how to maintain it.

We came upon the newly established business quite by accident. L was desperately in need of a haircut and we were quite short of time. So, after popping into town to post some prize parcels, we were really pleased to find this new place, just opened, at the other end of the High Street. I realise  this will only interest local people, in terms of a review, but, I was so impressed with the place, I felt compelled to write about it. Hopefully, readers from further afield can enjoy the photos of the lovely decor and L's new haircut!

Chesterfield Sofa and Chairs

The first thing we noticed was the comfortable surroundings. As soon as you walked in, it was impossible not to feel right at home. A lot of thought had clearly gone into the decor and it had certainly paid off. 

The staff were so friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and they made us feel really welcome. There were a variety of drinks available for the grown ups and children and even for a fussy tea drinker like me, I couldn't complain!

Cole is the owner and took charge of L's haircut. He did a brilliant job, listening patiently as L chatted about Rubik's cubes and other stuff... I wasn't really listening. *ahem*. Anyway, He spent a lot of time and effort making sure L was comfortable and happy with his eventually style. He is really great with children and L was most impressed. 

Boy's Haircut at Wallace Barbers

As you can see from the before and after photos, he did an amazing job styling L's awkward, fly away hair and L was thrilled to have a style he could call his own. 

Boy's Haircut, Before and After
We will definitely be back again for future trims and hope to let everyone know about this lovely new child-friendly barbershop. The barbers really know what they are doing and I can see it being a popular venue for anyone in need of a modern style at a really great price. 


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