Sunday, 1 May 2016

Spongebob on Now TV!

Now that L has got older, and left a lot of the younger television behind, we have all been discovering the joy that is adolescent TV. I don't know why it's so much more tolerable than pre-school programmes. I suppose it's because the stories are a little more in depth and the language is more advanced, giving more scope for humour and silliness that even adults can appreciate. I do know that it is far easier on the senses, particularly on repeat, than the psychedelic colours and repetitive script of its preschool counterparts. I would even go so far as to say, it's pretty watchable stuff. Ok, it's never going to be Panorama, but, it's been a revelation to be able to sit down and enjoy a programme together, that actually has something to offer other than numbers 1 - 10 and a few primary colours thrown in.

Recently, it's been all about SpongeBob SquarePants. L has been a fan of the maniacal sponge for some time now, and he's not the only one. We once attended a birthday party for Lynn, from A Slice of Lemon's Cake,  and L's friend, also called L, arrived in this fantastic outfit... 

So he is definitely not alone in finding SpongeBob hugely entertaining and it's a great show to unite different age groups. Here are some quotes from our friends describing what they love about the show: 

"I like that SpongeBob is funny and that he's a talking sponge. Even though he's friends with Squidward, Squidward never replies. I like that he lives in a pineapple and that he has a snail pet." - Ramona (from Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein) aged 5

Kate's daughter, from Family Fever said; "I like it because it's funny and I like the things that happen to SpongeBob, (getting run over, things falling on him and making him flat). He can make amazing faces too!" - aged 10

"They are all really funny, in one episode they stay over night in a toy shop. And in another they tape tomatoes onto their eyes. He is a little bit silly, but I like that!" - Bodhi (from Jess and Bodhi) aged 4.

"I like how frustrated Plankton gets trying to find the secret formula for crabby pattys." - Minxy (from The Mini Mes and Me), aged 12

"He's always laughing and being funny. He is best friends with a starfish and I want a star fish best friend!" - Evie (from Country Heart and Home), aged 5

"I like to see how annoyed Squidward gets because of how irritating SpongeBob and Patrick are. It's funny!" - Jamsta (from The Mini Mes and Me), aged 10

"I like it because it's a modern cartoon, but it keeps in touch with the old fashioned values of the way cartoons used to be made." - Phil (from The Parent Game), aged 49

After watching the film Sponge Out of Water, which has the most hilarious seagulls in it, not to mention a laser-firing dolphin, L has discovered the art of binge watching and has been piling through the SpongeBob episodes on Now TV like there's no tomorrow. I fear he's inherited my lack of patience when it comes to waiting for the next episode of anything, so I can't really complain. The Kids Collection contains a wealth of different shows, including many Nickelodeon favourites and it's so easy to use, even the dog could do it. Probably. If we had one. I'm just really, really glad that L didn't discover Kids Collection on NOW TV and binge watching during the Peppa Pig years, Oh yes, it's on there. You have been warned! Here is L talking about SpongeBob and Nickelodeon, complete with impressions of his favourite characters! 


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