Saturday, 4 July 2015

You Never Know What's around the Corner.

A Guest Post by Phil

After a long story I found myself a divorced single dad, to my 12 year old daughter, who had been emotionally and mentally broken by her mother and stepfather. Apart from a couple of disasters I had been single for five years and had accepted life on my own so I made a conscious decision to put all my energy into bringing her up and trying to give her a happy life. 

I used to take her for days out to the seaside, when I could and would invariably take one of her friends along, so she had some company. I used to sit there on a bench, dutifully guarding the cool box, full of treats for them and would just love to watch them have fun all day.

The only problem that left me, was after so many years on my own, working nights, I could go all week and not see anyone outside of work. I don't mind admitting it, I was lonely. I used to sit there and think, it would be nice if there was someone there, for me to talk to. My Mum of all people suggested I joined a group called gingerbread, which I'd never heard of. Apparently they organised days out for single parents, sounded perfect. 

I joined and found myself in a chat room, which was all new to me. All of a sudden I was talking to all like minded people, which was great, but as the weeks went on, I found myself taking more to this young lady from Bristol, Lucy, the owner of this blog. We actually arranged to go to the zoo together, I couldn't wait, some adult conversation, I got more than I bargained for. 

When she stepped off the bus, my eyes nearly fell out of my head, wow, gorgeous. Anyway we got on with our day, our daughters got on fantastically well and we've never been apart since. If somebody would have to told me ten years ago that I would end up remarried and also have a son, I would have had them locked up. I have the woman of my dreams, she keeps us all in check and tells us off, when she needs to, but she's the one that keeps us all on the straight and narrow. 

That just leaves my final word for our son. On the 18th of March 2007, Lucy gave birth to our son, a day i never thought I would see. I specifically said I wanted to name him and I did, L, because it was the closest I could get to Lucy, so I have a walking reminder of the wife I don't just love, but also admire and respect for her achievements and kindness, for the rest of my living days.

And all I wanted was someone to talk to. 

Couple Sitting in Field



  1. That's lovely Phil. Nice how you choose Lukes name too.

  2. What a lovely tale to tell! I didnt know you met online :)

  3. What a beautiful love story, you've told it so well too.

  4. aaahh thats nice, hope you have long and happy future together


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