Friday, 24 July 2015

A Train Poem that Parents Might Relate To!

Happy boy with train cake. A little boy obsessed with trains,
Knows all the types and all their names,
Every buffer, piston, funnel,
Every chuffer, sleeper, tunnel.

Excitement builds as the big day dawns,
Expectant face and stifled yawns,
No bus for us, it’s the train today,
A rare treat to start our holiday,

In the station, eager, bubbling glee,
Can you see, Mum, can you see?!
A train rolls in, it’s not the one,
But no one minds this is so much fun!

Eventually, it’s our turn to board,
All our luggage safely stored,
A window seat, nose pressed on glass,
Watching countryside hurtle past,

First one station then another,
Hard to tell one from the other,
But as the whistle makes one last peep,
My train-mad son falls fast asleep!

Boy and train pictures

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  1. great poem! I also love the photos of him, he always has a great big grin!

  2. Oh Lucy, I absolutely LOVE this one, it is fantastic. The end sums kids up so completely :) Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought - I will send you a reminder next week xx

  3. Oh yes - I learnt so much about trains having 2 boys! #Prose4T


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