Monday, 13 July 2015

Hetty Feather at Bristol Old Vic!

Hetty FeatherLast time we went to Bristol Old Vic it was the very last day of the show, and, although it was lovely to write about the theatre and our experience, it was a shame we couldn't write the post early enough to let people know it was happening, so they could book their own tickets. So, on Friday, we are going again, this time to review Hetty Feather, a drama production of one of Jacqueline Wilson's popular novels for young people. We have been offered free tickets, so that we can let everyone know what we thought of the the show, as it continues it's tour around the country.

Jacqueline Wilson has forged a spectacular career in children's literature and was a staple of my daughter's book shelf throughout her childhood. Her books are so compelling, I have read most of them myself, since they are impossible to put down! She writes primarily for the aged 9 to 11 market, but the universal, relatable themes in her books appeal to older children and adults too. This particular book has been adapted for stage by Emma Reeves, who has a string of successes behind her including bringing Jacqueline Wilson's own Tracey Beaker series to the small screen.

Hetty Feather is set in Victorian times and follows the adventures of a 'foundling', a term used to describe orphans of the time. Fostered from birth, she is forced to return to the Foundling Hospital when she is five to begin her education. Despite the tragedy in her little life, Hetty grows into a spirited and imaginative youngster, who uses her strong will and adventurous nature to ensure life is full of twists and turns. As with all Jacqueline Wilson's creations, she is an appealing character with a good heart who inspires with her positivity and determination.

The stage show has already received rave reviews from a successful West End run and is currently touring the country for a second time. Highlights include; circus stunts, real life horses and some amazing set design.

Hetty Feather Stage Show
Amazing set design
The Times ****
‘It’s just the ticket!’
‘It has charm by the barrel-load’
‘Phoebe Thomas is a winning Hetty’
‘Sure to please Hetty’s legions of fans’

The Stage ****
‘Sparkingly fresh’
‘The strong cast…work beautifully together’
‘Phoebe Thomas is superb’

TimeOut ****
‘a magical show for kids’
‘exquisitely executed aerial stunts’
‘an ingeniunous production’

‘this version of her story will find its way to your heart’

The Bristol Old Vic is a lovely theatre, intimate and full of beauty and architecture. We are really looking forward to our trip on Friday and can't wait to tell you all about it! The show runs in Bristol from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July and is sure to be a big hit with everyone who is lucky enough to go and see it.

Bristol Old Vic
Bristol Old Vic



  1. I saw your photos of Jacqueline Wilson. How exciting for your daughter to have met her, I bet she was over the moon.

  2. Oh wow I had no idea they had made a play out of this, wonder if they will take it on tour.

  3. my niece would love this she loves Jacqueline Wilson


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