Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Review of Anki Overdrive, and What an 11 Year Old Really Thinks!

L recently had a birthday, and was lucky enough to be sent an Anki Overdrive Starter Set to review to see whether it would make a great gift for an 11 year old. He has been keen to get one since he saw them advertised at Christmas, so I was interested to see how he would get on with it. I have reviewed it from my own point of view, as chief picker of birthday gifts in the household, but have also added a video containing L's review, in his own words. If you are thinking of buying this product for a child you know, it is very interesting to see what a child really thought of it! The Anki Overdrive Starter Set is available from the website and retails at £149.

Weston Super Mare - A Fun Family Day Out with GWR and a Competition

we are big fans of all things railway in our family. L was obsessed with trains when he was little and I love them, because it's such a great way to travel. I don't drive, so I always feel slightly guilty that I can't contribute to the driving on long journeys, and it's always so much more relaxing when no one has to drive or worry about traffic or parking. It's quicker, too and everyone can spend the whole journey taking in the scenery instead of driving or(my job) navigating. We were sponsored by GWR to take a family trip in celebration of their new social media competition where you could win your own day out and £500 spending money.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Win a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher Ends 01/05

Win a £10 Amazon voucherHere's another opportunity to win a £10 Amazon voucher in our latest competition, to spend it on whatever you like! Please be advised that the email address you use on the rafflecopter will be the one I send the prize to if you win, unless you tell me otherwise, so do make sure it's up to date. Entry is very simple and you can enter using as many, or as few of the options as you like, there are no mandatory entries. I have had more than one competition winner who just entered through the free entry, so it shows it can be done! Good luck!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Newnham on Severn - Gloucestershire Picnic Site with Great Disabled Access

Days out are always a bit of a struggle when you have problems getting around. There are lots of potential pitfalls and choosing where to go is something to consider very carefully. Accessibility and appropriate facilities are a must for a stress-free visit and if you want to just go for a nice drive and find a picnic spot, it's not always easy to find out what's there in advance. So, when we recently discovered a beautiful picnic spot on the edge of the River Severn, in the Forest of Dean, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here, as it's got great disabled access and has the best views and offers an excellent viewing point for the Severn Bore. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

50 Thoughts Insomniacs Have Almost Every Night

Person lying down, completely covered by quilt, with title overlaidTick, tick, tick goes the clock, every second mocking you and your inability to drop off. You have tried everything; hot drinks, reading, blackout blinds, but nothing works. However tired you feel during the day, you know that the second your head hits the pillow, your eyes will flatly refuse to close and your brain will churn over all sorts of stuff, preventing you from accessing the much needed shut-eye you crave. If this is you, you may recognise some of the below. A comprehensive list of the common thoughts insomniacs dwell on pretty much every night. If I've missed any out, feel free to add your own in the comments. No one knows why this stuff suddenly matters, perhaps that's a mystery to ponder in the early hours too! 


Alternative Chocolate-Free Easter Gift Ideas

Giant Rabbit Hugging a Small Boy with Title OverlaidIt's not uncommon these days to find people who are lactose, or dairy, intolerant, but there are also other reasons not to buy chocolate eggs for Easter. Maybe there are other health issues that might make chocolate a bad idea, or perhaps you would prefer to avoid it, simply to promote a better diet, or just because chocolate eggs can be a bit samey and unimaginative. Whatever the reason, there are lots of other options, which will last a lot longer and are more interesting too. I originally planned this gift guide for children, but there are a few ideas that would be suitable for adults too. This post is totally unsponsored, but does contain some affilate links to products I liked on Amazon.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Bogs Footwear; Grown Up Wellies with Style!

Bogs Sidney Cravat Wellies with Title Overlaid
L has had his Bogs wellies for quite a while now, and they are still going strong. This is good news, because he wears them pretty much every day. They are so easy to pull on, with the convenient handles and who wants to waste time with velcro, or laces, when you are 11 and have places to go? Anyway, it turns out they also make some of the most stylish grown up wellies I've ever seen. No more boring green, oh no. Pom Poms are far more exciting, or maybe even spring flowers. Why should wellies be boring, just because they need to be 100% waterproof? Bogs offer 100% waterproofing, alongside a world of technology to aid comfort and safety in any weather. 
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