Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Alternative Chocolate-Free Easter Gift Ideas

Giant Rabbit Hugging a Small Boy with Title OverlaidIt's not uncommon these days to find people who are lactose, or dairy, intolerant, but there are also other reasons not to buy chocolate eggs for Easter. Maybe there are other health issues that might make chocolate a bad idea, or perhaps you would prefer to avoid it, simply to promote a better diet, or just because chocolate eggs can be a bit samey and unimaginative. Whatever the reason, there are lots of other options, which will last a lot longer and are more interesting too. I originally planned this gift guide for children, but there are a few ideas that would be suitable for adults too. This post is totally unsponsored, but does contain some affilate links to products I liked on Amazon.

First up, and my personal favourite, are the Easter offerings from Lush. Little girls especially are not adverse to the concept of bathtime luxury and these appealing bath products from the premium purveyor of all things natural will be gentler on young skin than some bath products. Follow the link for the full Easter selection, with prices starting at £3.95 for a sparkly golden egg Bath Bomb Melt. Lush things from Lush

Hawkins Bazaar stock adorable fuzzy chicks or rabbits that hop around on little clockwork feet and are sure to delight children of all ages. They also have chickens and rabbits in their wooden jumping range which offer a slightly retro spin on this classic toy. 

Donkeys have long been associated with the Easter story. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and some believe that the distictive lines on a donkey's back represent the Christian cross. So, if you are looking for an Easter gift that has strong links to Easter, how about sponsoring a donkey? The Donkey Sanctuary offers a beautiful adoption pack, with pictures and details about your donkey, which you can give as a gift and your chosen recipient will receive regular updates from the sanctuary. This gift will contribute to the welfare of animals who are in need due to abandonment, or neglect, and costs just 7p a day. 

Side view of a donkey eating grass.

For a huge selection of all things Easter, get down to The Works, you can't go wrong. From Easter accessories, such as bunny headbands, to stickers and activities, and of course Easter themed books, there is a world of imaginative gifts, starting at just £1! I love The Works, it has such a great selection, I always find something I like and the prices offer fantastic value. 

Rabbits are synonymous with Easter, symbolising spring and rebirth, and no one does rabbits better than the Build-a-Bear workshop. You can buy a range of stuffed toy rabbits, ranging from the slightly psychedelic spotty dotty bunny in the top picture, to a more sedate lop-eared rabbit, who looks a little more realistic. For lower budgets, there's also a smaller rabbit for £8, or you can also get a rabbit costume for a bear you already own for £13.50. Sure to last a lot longer than chocolate and bring a smile to the face of any child.

A few more rabbit ideas include one of my favourite books; Guess How Much I love You, which you can get as a gift set for young children, Peter Rabbit figurines, which would suit children or adults, and let's not forget Miffy. The Miffy Shop offers a good range of rabbit-y gifts for all ages, including games and toys, clothing and homewares.

I hope this helps with your non-chocolate shopping. One other idea I had was to have a pokemon hunt, instead of an easter egg hunt, but I couldn't find any small Pokemon figures that were good enough to show you. I got some from eBay which were too poor quality to really see what they were, but if you can find some, it would be a lot of fun for little Pokemon fans!

Happy Easter, however you decide to spend it, I hope you have lots of fun!

If you know someone who can't eat chocolate, here are some different ideas for Easter gifts.


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