Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Gino's Generalisations - 'Fussy' isn't Always a Choice

Pink Desk with Corner of Keyboard VisibleIt's a common bugbear amongst experienced parents, when other people pass judgement on your parenting skills, your children's behaviour, or any other aspect of your family life. It's not actually limited to parenting, no one likes to be judged by people who have not walked in their shoes. For the purposes of keeping this short, though, I am going to focus on the particularly superior and judge-y parent-bashers, who think they know best. Some are parents, some are not and one is a famous celebrity chef who jolly well ought to know better. I don't have any pictures of Gino D'Acampo, so I will be illustrating this post with cake, although my son would not eat it if it had jam in the middle, because he doesn't like jam. So there.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Loving London - The Best of British

A London street, with title overlaidI am not very good at London. I absolutely love going and I would love to go more often, so that I get the hang of getting around a bit better, but I'm still very much a tourist when it comes to navigating. It's a great place to be, though, and I've always felt really at home there. I love the diversity, the different architecture, and I really love the people. People say London isn't friendly, but this has never been my experience. I've always wanted to write a post about my experience of London, as a visitor and, after visiting recently for the This Morning Live press event, I had the perfect opportunity. So here is everything I love about our capital city, let me know in the comments if you agree or if I've missed anything!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

This Morning LIVE is Coming to Birmingham in May!

This Morning presenters, with title overlaidSometimes, as a blogger, I'm just a little bit spoilt and couple of weeks ago was no exception. I was invited by Netmums to attend an afternoon tea party to launch the very exciting This Morning LIVE consumer lifestyle event, which will be coming to the Birmingham NEC from the 18th to the 21st of May this year. I read 'cake' and was already on my way, but it turned out there were a lot of very interesting people to meet, including many of the This Morning family who will be at the show, and it was really interesting to find out how they felt about this new live venture. If you haven't got your ticket yet, here's a few good reasons why you should, even if you are not an avid watcher of  the TV show!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How to Support Someone Who is Unhappy with Their Weight

Cakes in a No Entry Sign with Title OverlaidI suspect this post may meet with some controversy due to the subject matter. There are some people (thin people) who believe that losing weight is as simple as eating less and that anyone who is overweight is simply greedy. However, as a former thin person, I can confirm this isn't always the case. I put on weight due to a combination of health issues, some that cause me to hang on to weight, and the worst one, which is a pain illness making most forms of exercise impossible. I never thought I'd say I miss jogging! The point of this post is that a lot of people are unhappy with their weight and it can take many attempts to be successful in losing it, but here's how to help by not making the situation any worse. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Review of the New Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Range

Three Hatchimal CollEGGtible Packs with Title OverlaidWho can forget the great Hatchimal shortage of Christmas 2016. Easily the most popular toy of the season, everyone seemed to want to get their hands on one and who can blame them. Cute, appealing, and a brand new concept in an interactive toy. If your little ones loved the original Hatchimal, then they are going to go loopy for the latest addition to the range; Hatchimal CollEGGtibles. These tiny, adorable little critters are exactly what it says in the title, collectible, affordable, Hatchimal miniatures. We were sent some for free to see what we thought, ahead of today's launch, and we've been dying to tell you all about it.
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