Monday, 11 January 2016

When Wookey Hole went Wrong; What to Do in Cheddar

We planned a family trip to Wookey Hole just before Christmas. We had been looking forward to it all week. My son was especially excited, as he, like most ten year old boys, is obsessed with Minecraft and has always wanted to see inside a real cave. I had been given a media pass by the lovely folks at Visit Bristol and had spent the previous couple of weekends enjoying some fantastic days out at some great local attractions. This one wasn't quite so local, though, which was why we were pleased to have the media pass. It's not cheap and there was an element of petrol involved for the 40 mile cross-country journey. It took over an hour to get there. Then it all went wrong.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Sunday Photo: Asleep with Cookie!

One from the archives

Toddler Sleeping Slumped in a Lawn Chair. Clutching a Cookie
I am not letting go of this cookie!


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Movie Night Ideas to Unite the Generations!

Regular readers with really good memories will know that we are really fond of movie nights. We blogged about this way back in 2014, during 40 Days of Summer. It's a great pastime that doesn't cost much money, isn't weather-dependent and can involve all ages, making it perfect for when you have older relatives staying. We often have my Mother in Law to visit and, thankfully, she loves children's films. She cried laughing when we took her to see Paddington at the cinema and we had to buy the DVD, so she could watch it again on her next visit! It's a really great way to bring the family together, especially since most children's films have wide appeal and aren't just written with children in mind. Great feel-good films, like Mary Poppins, or Singin' in the Rain are always well received and are just as popular with L as they are with the grown ups!

Win York Fitness Sauna Suit

Sauna Suit

As I wrote recently, my New Year's Resolutions are usually doomed before they start, but I am still going to try to make a few improvements. That doesn't mean yours have to be, though and we wanted to show support for everyone who's taking on the world this New Year. Whatever your personal goal, you can do it! If fitness is your thing, we have two Fitness Sauna Suits to giveaway. The sauna suit is designed to maximise weightloss and assist the detox process, so it could give your efforts a welcome boost if you win! The rafflecopter awaits you and we wish you lots of luck! 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Mobile Phone Disaster: A True Story!

Toddler and Pudsey Bear For Prose for Thought this week, there follows a true story about how I broke my mobile phone. The moral of the story is; answering your phone at inappropriate times might not be wise, but saying 'I told you so' is never a good idea!

I dropped my phone, which wasn't bright, 
Now I dream of a new one day and night, 
One with a screen without a crack, 
No ugly scratches or dents in the back.

Discovering Star Wars: The Fan Awakens

Dressing Gown Head ShotI am as old as Star Wars. This is a fact I cannot deny. Star Wars: A New Hope was born in 1977, as was I, so I've always had a nostalgic fondness for all things Wooky. There is something about those opening titles that can transport me back to my childhood, where I was surrounded by plastic figures and At-Ats, on account of having a slightly older brother. So, it's only right and proper that my son, aptly named L, begins his education in The Force, in preparation for seeing the new film that's out. (I will always remember when L was born and one of our friend's children, a big Star Wars fan, was so jealous that he got to be called L. Even though, at the time, L had shown no Jedi leanings whatsoever.)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

7 Truths about Small Space Living

Chinese Lucky Cat Ornament with Title OverlaidFor one reason or another, most of us will be required to occupy a small living space at some stage in our lives. Hopefully, this will not be for long, but, for some due to soaring property prices, it quickly becomes a way of life and people develop their own ways of coping. If you've never experienced student digs or purchased a property in a sought-after area, you may not have enjoyed the unique charms of diminuitive dwellings. This is the low-down of the bits no one tells you about. If you are intending to occupy your own teeny turf, read on and learn how not to drive your housemates crazy!
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