Thursday, 7 January 2016

Discovering Star Wars: The Fan Awakens

Dressing Gown Head ShotI am as old as Star Wars. This is a fact I cannot deny. Star Wars: A New Hope was born in 1977, as was I, so I've always had a nostalgic fondness for all things Wooky. There is something about those opening titles that can transport me back to my childhood, where I was surrounded by plastic figures and At-Ats, on account of having a slightly older brother. So, it's only right and proper that my son, aptly named L, begins his education in The Force, in preparation for seeing the new film that's out. (I will always remember when L was born and one of our friend's children, a big Star Wars fan, was so jealous that he got to be called L. Even though, at the time, L had shown no Jedi leanings whatsoever.)

Now TV have very helpfully provided the whole Star Wars saga in one section on their TV box, and it's also accessible from tablets, for on-the-move movies. Movies cost just £9.99 a month and you pay the same subscription for up to four boxes! I loved the idea of watching them in a block like this, as it provided a few evenings entertainment, a bit like watching one gigantic film in chapters. I think this is the best way to enjoy all television, really. Removing the tedium of having to wait for the next episode. Particularly for gripping dramas, such as The Enfield Haunting, having access to the whole boxset in one go is well worth the cost. Anyway, I digress. L began his Star Wars journey exactly the way I did; with A New Hope. I realise this is a bit Old School and it's not now, technically, the first episode, but it's the first one made and far superior to the later films, in my opinion. I wanted him to have the experience that I had and, although chronologically correct, I didn't think the newer films had that same rugged charm.

NowTV Star Wars
NowTV Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Dressing Gown
Dressed for the occasion!

So, Kylo Ren dressing gown on, popcorn popped and off we go. I was really keen to find out how he took to the films, before I took him to see the new one. I think nine is about the right age and I would love him to get involved with a film series where I don't have to worry about inappropriate content or 'mild' swear words. Trust me, there is no such thing as a 'mild' swear when it comes out of a nine year old in polite company! It wasn't the most auspicious start. I don't think he was too sure about A New Hope. It was a lot of plot to get hold of and seemed very long, due to the way the story unfolds and the fact that it is pretty long anyway. The Empire Strikes Back is a bit more fast paced and he really took to the special effects, particularly the At-Ats. I think that was his favourite of the three original films. Although Return of the Jedi did have Ewoks and, he may be an aspiring Jedi Knight, but who can resist an adorable, cuddly, warrior teddy bear? May the paws be with you!

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  1. I am even older than Star Wars and remember going to see it at the 'pictures'. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan and neither is my SIL but her hubby and son, also called Luke (which although she is in denial, I'm sure it's no coincidence), are and so off she (Storm)trooped with them to watch the latest film (I don't know whether it's the first, last, prequel, sequel or what!) and she said it was brilliant and emotional so kriffing hell, now I'm going to have to see it for myself, sithspit.

    1. It was! Sorry, not helping, but I totally agree with her! P.S. my dad denies I was named after the Peanuts character, but I have my suspicions!


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