Thursday, 31 December 2015

Our Year in Pictures 2015

2015 has been a crazy year for us with highlights including Jade meeting her idol and our first family camping holiday, and we've really enjoyed sharing it with you. So, for our last post of 2015, I thought I would post a little collection of our best bits, in picture form. Happy New Year and thanks so much for supporting us and sharing our bonkers ideas and crazy adventures!


Random Acts of Kindness with Wayfair

Wayfair have been asking for bloggers to talk about their random acts of kindness for their #BlogItForward campaign. I was nominated by A Cornish Mum and thought it was a great opportunity to show you some of our activities over the Christmas period. On the 1st of December, I made my daughter an advent calendar of items required by our local Foodbank and each day she added one more item to the bag. Just before Christmas we trooped down to Sainsbury's and dropped it off to be collected by Trussels and distributed to those in need.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My New Year's Resolutions, featuring our Favourite Brands!

Flamboyant Lady Animation This year I'm committed to getting it right,
Into bed early and up at first light,
Making the time do the things I forget,
Remembering birthdays, and dates that I've set.

Being that mum that everyone hates,
All made up and perfect, at the school gates,
With projects, P.E kit, and children serene,
Not covered in toast crumbs, but actually clean!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Osper - Financial Independence for Children

When Osper offered my son, L, the chance to buy his own Christmas presents, he was thrilled. It's lovely when your children are just as overjoyed to buy gifts for others as they are for themselves! It also had the potential to be really fun for him, because he does love to be independent. He is very good at maths, and enjoys working out what things cost and whether something is a good deal or not. I think it's important that children are educated about money.

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Book of Everyone: A Gift for Anyone!

You can't have it all
Everyone has that friend or relative who is impossible to buy for. Like the dads, grandads, brothers, etc, who have got to that age where they have enough money to buy all their own boys' toys and do. Or the mums, sisters and girlfriends whose hobbies don't seem to involve anything tangible, just chatting and possibly drinking tea. So inconsiderate, when they know you need to buy them a gift, there are only so many tea accompaniments you can buy! I have this problem every year, so I was thrilled to find the answer, in a personalised book idea, from The Book of Everyone.


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Contribute to our Homeless for Christmas Fundraiser!

This post is for bloggers and companies who are interested in sponsoring our event, for details of how to join in and compete, please read Support CentrePoint with The Big Facebook Treasure Hunt

This Sunday we are hosting a charity event on Facebook to raise money for two homeless charities, who are working hard to provide comfort and support for street sleepers over the Christmas period. As you can imagine, this is an especially lonely, cold and depressing time for those without a permanent home and I wanted to do something to try to help.


Sunday, 6 December 2015

I'm Not Scared! With Zooropia at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Boy crossing a log bridge on the Zooropia rope course.
This is the story, in pictures, of L's recent visit to Zooropia, an arial assault course at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Especially designed for children aged 5 to 12, it's about 6 metres high, but surprisingly safe. L made short work of it, while I happily looked on from the safety of terra firma. not being a fan of heights! L really enjoyed it and is keen to go again. It's perfect for him, as it's a physical activity and he really enjoyed the fact he could do it on his own. This experience is brilliant for building confidence and self esteem and there were lots of adults taking part too! The descent is via a zip wire, which, apparently, is the best bit! 
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