Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Mobile Phone Disaster: A True Story!

Toddler and Pudsey Bear For Prose for Thought this week, there follows a true story about how I broke my mobile phone. The moral of the story is; answering your phone at inappropriate times might not be wise, but saying 'I told you so' is never a good idea!

I dropped my phone, which wasn't bright, 
Now I dream of a new one day and night, 
One with a screen without a crack, 
No ugly scratches or dents in the back.

I know I'm a div for dropping the thing, 
But I was in Tesco and it started to ring, 
I wasn't quite at the front of the queue, 
And it might have been someone important, who knew? 

So I juggled and wriggled my phone from my bag, 
Hubs said; 'Dont drop that!' he's kind of a nag, 
Then, in slow motion, it fell to the floor, 
I knew it was coming, it's happened before. 

I said something ruder, but a bit like; 'Oh blow!', 
And Hubs, ill-advisedly said; 'Told you so!'
So now my poor husband has a bruise on his head
And the screen on my phone is officially dead!

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  1. hehehe! Oh dear! I hope you get a new one soon x

    1. Thank you, with a very robust case, hopefully!

  2. Ha ha ha! That had me laughing out loud. Brilliant! #prose4T

  3. Writing a poem about breaking your phone is just sheer brilliance! You really do have a way with words and I love your poems :) Thank you for linking to #Prose4T

    1. Why thank you! Funny how the silliest things can inspire you!

  4. Oh no! I'm amazed this hasn't happened to me but I highly recommend the hybrid armour case, it helps mine bounce! Such a brilliant poem by the way :)


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