Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Charceuterie. What It Is and Why You will Want Some!

Carnivore Club BoxCharceuterie is the art of curing meat and also refers to the products themselves. Think; really posh ham, salami, biltong, that kind of thing. The interesting thing about Charceuterie, is that there are a vast array of different types, originating from different countries, and yet we probably stick to about half a dozen tried and tested favourites. When The Carnivore Club got in touch, asking if we would like to try one of their monthly subscription boxes, bringing the best of artisan cured meats from top suppliers to your front door, I thought it was a great opportunity to learn more about British Charceuterie.

The products arrived in some seriously lovely packaging. You could tell straight away that these guys really care about their meat, and their customers. Inside the sturdy, wood-effect box, were six offerings from Duchy Charceuterie in Cornwall, who was the featured supplier for that month's box.

Products from the Carnivore Club Range

All the suppliers are British and provide their own handcrafted recipes, which are carefully described in the quality guide included in every box. You can also read more about the supplier and learn about their history. 

Carnivore Club Guide

The generous portions this month included; Chorizo Snack Stix, Coppa, Pork Chilli and Rosemary Salami, Pork and Pastis Salami, Pheasant and Port Salami, and Cornish Beef Biltong. The salamis were particularly versatile and really cheered up an otherwise samey tomato and pasta dish! They are also perfect for an evening supper with a good red wine and some cheese and crackers, sure to impress any guests!

Carnivore Club Salami

The Carnivore Club offer a one-off box for £32, perfect for a treat or as a gift, or a subscription, for a minimum of 3 months, for £29 a month. You can choose the frequency of your subscription boxes, either; monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. If you are a meat lover, who loves to try new tastes and flavours, this is definitely the box for you. It's really fun trying out the different flavours and each month is a different supplier, with a whole new range, so there's sure to be something new to try. 

We were sent a free Carnivore Club box, for the purposes of this review. All ramblings are my own ramblings and not influenced by the free nibbles in any way. 


  1. I'm not usually a cured meat fan but these photos are actually making me hungry! Great review x #triedtested

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