Thursday, 11 February 2016

Not a Valentine's Poem

Graphic of Heart with title 'Not a Valentine's Poem', and cupid firing at broken hearts

This is a bit bonkers, but I didn't do a Prose for Thought poem last week, so thought I'd better make the effort this week, as it's Valentine's Day on Sunday. I'm really not very romantic, though, and that got me thinking... I've really never been very romantic, so I dug out this silly rhyme I wrote 20 years ago, when I was a teenager, I've had to change it a bit, as it had got a bit dated, but the rest is exactly as I wrote and I thought it was quite funny, coming from a 17 year old! 

I require a man who's six foot two, 
With hair that's blonde and eyes so blue, 
Or maybe dark, with a brooding stare,
Or, short, or tall, or thin or fair...  

I don't think I really need a man, 
But each day becomes so hard to plan, 
Where to go and what to say, 
'So where is your young man today?'

The dinner parties with the empty chair, 
'Well there should be six, it's only fair!'
The Christmas cards are signed by one, 
And the late night movie's not much fun. 

Maybe I should try to be happy and free, 
It's not always a bad thing to just be me,
It's everyone else who thinks I should be two, 
But the single life is ok too.

In that dark corner where spiders lurk, 
And the insect spray just will not work, 
Independence is long since down the drain, 
And you think you are going quite insane. 

Take heart, dear friends, and fear not, 
At least you're free to squeeze that spot. 
Be brave, turn around, and if he's not there, 
Rely on the love of your teddy bear!

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  1. Oh, I love it! I can't believe you still had this from when you were 17!#Prose4T

  2. You did this when you were 17?! This is fantastic! And applies just as much now as it did then :) Well written that lady. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  3. I love this! You really did this when you were 17? Its fab :)

  4. This is excellent. It's crazy the kind of pressure that 17 year olds can feel. I hope you did indeed get to enjoy and celebrate your independence for awhile :-) #prose4t

  5. Great Poem and how fab to still have it from when you originally wrote it :)


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